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December 1, 2016, 10:06 AM
HOT opportunity.

This is popular now. BUT soon, next year, it will explode.

WHAT? This:


20 bucks an hour, 4 to 8 players, games take an hour, specials for groups.

NOW, the twist. Do you have any HALLOWEEN houses near you? Convert these into Escape Palaces.

There is a lot of potential, even small venues have people standing in line.
Some based on puzzle solving, some on doing tasks, and of course many combos.

This in an IDEA. As of today it is big...but going to get HUGE.

Read all about it:



Even a franchise:

This is the first of our HOT new businesses ops for 2017.

If you've never been to one, I suggest you take some friends for a night on the town, and enjoy.

I think ESCAPE ROOM Birthday PARTIES will explode.

Like games? So do millions of others, re-read the Forbes article.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS Create an "Escape from Trump" room, and it will grow daily.

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