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December 3, 2016, 01:00 PM
Golf courses were OVERBUILT in 80s and 90s, now they are closing right and left. In the last few years, both golf courses and campgrounds have been closed and repurposed

City owned courses have become dog parks, hiking trails, parks. Some have been turned into residential.

Here is YOUR opportunity and a few ways to cash in

Mini Homes PLUS Golf Courses/Camp Grounds PLUS Time Shares= BOOM.

Mini homes are hot.
Mini LOVE NESTS, out of town park like setting PLUS the No Tell Motel and you've got a steady stream of customers.

You could do a throw back to REIT, or group of investors to own a few of these mini homes, sell time shares or time credits, maybe add events, experiences in the mix.

Most courses have cart paths, plumbing, and the use of solar panels and RV type waste sites makes the small house perfect for old golf courses. And campgrounds are already set up for it.

How about some Hobbit space?


Here is a good article:


Many are seller financed, 30% is rough average for downpayment.

And some very affordable, here is 5 acres, 90k, here is their slideshow:


Some of these would make great retreats for your church group or survival club.

Golf isn't dead, not yet. But many courses are, and the parade of life keeps campgrounds an evergreen market.

Use other people's money, do a throwback partnership group, with you being the general partner.

Small houses are hugely popular right now, combine with available land, and maybe you create your own little paradise.


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