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December 9, 2016, 10:52 AM
Hi Gordon, I'm really not very creative but I'm always on the lookout for creative ideas to borrow from.
But I can see how organising a Cash Mob can open up new doors of opportunity for anyone who acts on it.

Great for revenge to.... Take your mob to a business that turned you away and say.... I told you I can put
bums on seats and fill this place with new customers.... but I just agreed to help your competitor down the
street, so we're out of here.

Remember, there is safety in numbers....

Birds.... Ha...Ha... When I moved to Australia no one warned me about the Magpie's here.

During spring when they are nesting the male of a nest stands guard over his territory on
the lookout for intruders.

Those birds will swoop down out of nowhere and attack you. Especially cyclists wearing
bright coloured helmets.

So the first week here I decide to walk into town so I could get to know the neighbourhood.

I see a couple of cyclists bike by and each had what looked like 30 or so 10 to 12-inch
antennas attached to their helmets.

I'm thinking that's weird... why would someone wear something like that.

A few minutes later I cut across an open paddock and suddenly this big magpie swoops down at
me and pecks the back of my head. I spin around to see what just hit me and the bastard dive
bombs straight at my forehead.

I quickly ducked, the bird missed me and I take off running.

The bastard chases after me making multiple swoops at my head.

So I take my shirt off and tie a not in one sleeve. I picked up a rock and place it into the sleelve
and twirled the shirt over my head and the bastard still swoops down on me.

He loses a few feathers and still comes swooping back at me.

I make it to the trees on the other side of the field and finally the crazy bird disappears.
I take the long way home and avoid crossing the field again.

I walk in the door and tell my wife.... you won't believe what happened to me.
It was like a scene right out of the Alfred Hitchcock movie Birds.

She starts laughing and I try explaining that I'm not crazy, it really happened and now
she's laughing so hard I'm thinking... maybe I am going crazy... she finally gets her laughing
under control and says "I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you about the birds during mating season".

12 years later I still avoid walking across that paddock because of all the spiders, snakes
and killer magpies.




Great story. I invite you to Reno when the blue jays are doing their thing. Even our cats shy away from them. Not quite as tough as your birds but a close second.

I'd say stay safe but you already learned that lesson :D


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