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December 21, 2016, 08:48 AM
Great post Dien,

And you are absolutely right....

You could have turned helping your friend into a very nice side income.

Most anyone could... If they don't have anything to offer local business owners,
a good place to start is this 4-hour course at:

They can use Leo's CashMob Profits eBook to get every business owner in town to know, like and trust them.

They can get some instant credibility boosters to give away to local businesses.
One example: http://instantofflineconsultant.com/

They can turn the email marketing report and the others into a printed books with their name as the author.
Then they can give away printed or digital copies. Business owners will perceive them as an expert. Some
business owners will want to hire them to build an email list of local buyers for them. The Udemy course
will show anyone how.

This is just my 2 cents worth of unsolicited advice. None of the above links are my affiliate links.
Since Leo is a long time member of this forum it wouldn't be fair to him if I posted my CashMob
Profits affiliate link here.

I hope more SowPub'ers will take the plunge in 2017.

If you are a regular SowPub reader, poster or lurker... then you already know way more than most
business owners ever will. Get out there and help them... give them free tips and PLR reports branded
with your name and details.

Give More, Get More!

PS: After I wrote this post I was about to purchase the Instant Credibility Tools mentioned above. But I'm sure glad I checked my emails first and found that all of his Offline Tools are on sale until Friday. Check it out at http://www.offlinemarketingfiresale.com/special-promo-for-bruce/

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