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Dien Rice
January 1, 2017, 11:42 PM
Hi Gordon,

My brother just bought a device. His kids consider it a pet - they call it "Pluto"...

It's a great pet, since it's a "pet" that cleans the house!

"Pluto" is a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner!

Now, dogs are the opposite. Instead of cleaning up the dirt, they dirty the yard with their droppings...

So, how do you keep doggy yard droppings clean?

One company is helping people doing it, with their device...

It's a device where you scoop up the doggy droppings, and place it in the container. You add some solution, and it breaks down the doggy doo cleanly, without flies or terrible smells. After it's been processed, the liquid waste can be disposed of in a hole in your yard...

It's called the Good Boy Dog Loo...

They sell 100,000 of these every year!


Nottinghamshire business makes 100,000 dog toilets a year


Best wishes,


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