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December 27, 2016, 09:41 AM
From the 52 Ideas:

Cell phone repair. This is an exploding business and requires skill and tools but the demand is huge and growing. Here are some sites to help you gain the knowledge you need to have to get in and cash out. Don't forget YOUTUBE, many videos there.


And just replacing the touch screens is a big part of this. Handy? You've got a potential millions of customers.

Until all new phones become unbreakable and waterproof, this biz is going to continue to BOOM. It appears the hardest part is having the tiny tools and a supply for screens.

Note also, with the Headphone Jack gone, HEADPHONES/BUDS become important, cheap buds are everywhere, but there are tons of people investing in wireless blue tooth sets which may also need repair, most of the time, a simple wire connection to the speaker.

The APP market continues to grow, and the future is mobile, and add ons. This year, we'll see a boom in

Camera Lenses

So, if you are forward thinking, understand this is like MicroSoft and Apple circa 1987 get ready to cash in. Virtual Reality.


PS. A friend gave me a pair of glasses for Christmas, VR, he had me close my eyes and when I opened them, it looked exactly like before I closed them, except I was looking through lenses, of glass... he said they were only 19.95 a pair. The future is exciting, scary and full of wonders and like the night, "full of terrors".

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