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December 28, 2016, 08:11 PM
5. Home made soap. Friend Alan Bullington sold 35,000 bars of soap at fairs and events, all made from home. http://www.soapbizkit.com/
Here is Alan's stuff at Amazon.

While there, search for some of those other guys on the left hand side. What you will find is this:
There is a huge market of homemade stuff, BOOKS and you could get excited about all the niches you could reach.

Nicole S. Young is a food photographer, with classes and books.
Diann Bright has balms, bombs and bars of stuff. Bert's bees started this small.
Lara Ferroni is awesome, from craft beer to doughnuts, I bet Homer Simpson loves her too.
Dog collars are a hot item. As we noted in PETS. All things handmade.
etsy is a popular marketplace to sell your arts and crafts.

I once made candles in my basement, way ahead of my time with that one.

Think homemade, sell homemade.


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