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View Full Version : Wife-swapping is so old hat... Here's the next step up!

Dien Rice
January 26, 2017, 09:36 PM
You may have heard of "Wife Swap"... It's a TV show, where two wives swap "lives" for two weeks, and live the other person's life... Including "swapping" husbands, households, and kids!

Usually it ends in disaster (hence the entertainment value)!

I've found the next step up...

Instead of wives swapping, it's executives!

(Though in real life, not for a TV show.)

CEOs swap companies for a day, where two CEOs become the CEO of the other one's company for a day!

There are a few rules... No new hirings, no firings, and no giving raises. Apart from that, they're free to make decisions...

The idea is that each CEO can learn something by being the CEO of the other company for the day!

This is really happening in New Hampshire... One CEO started organizing it.

I reckon this could be popular in other places too, and could be monetized (you could make it a club, with paid dues, where you do a couple CEO swaps a year for each member)...

Why This CEO Lets Other Execs Do His Job For A Day

Best wishes,


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