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Dien Rice
January 28, 2017, 09:29 PM
Forget about tariffs and taxes and concentrate on your everyday life in the US as Jeff Sessions wants you to pay the government for being a citizen. Mind you, I was a Trump supporter but when he nominated this scoundrel I was shocked.

How does he want you to pay? It's called civil asset forfeiture. Here's an exerpt from an assistant US attorney explaining it:
Hi Tom,

I think you and I are of one mind on this!

You feel your property is safe.

But it's not.

The government can seize it, with no warrant, and no trial.

They just have to "suspect" it is the proceeds of a crime. No proof is needed.

They can take the money in your wallet, your house, even your business assets (like a van, business equipment, or even a hotel).

If you want it back, you have to spend the money to take them to court!

Of course, if they've taken most of your money and property, you don't have the money to go to court. The government then wins by default.

Many innocent people have had their property taken. The government seems to see it as another way of "taxing" you...

Is that freedom?

Here's a post I wrote about it in the past...

What really scares me even more than a Greek exit is...

How to keep your property safe? Physical property seems to be easier to take than non-physical property... Keeping your money in stocks might be safer than holding physical property, physical cash, etc. Though I don't know what is the best way to keep your assets safe from the government.

Best wishes,


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