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February 1, 2017, 10:27 AM

Way Back Machine. Sept. 2000 We were new.

This was the first lesson in REMOTE HYPNOSIS.

The formula for persuasion:

The formula for REMOTE HYPNOSIS is:
E of A = H of R SoM + P0I
The Effectiveness of your Attempt to influence someone remotely is equal to the Harmony between the Recipientís State of Mind and the Pre-Occupational Interrupter used to gain attention.
Your target is pre-occupied. The effectiveness of your attempt to persuade this person is going to be determined by your ability to "get inside" the circle, the bubble of pre-occupation. Then you establish rapport.
You do this by using an INTERRUPTER.

My contribution to the world of copywriting formulas.

This was the first lesson, and for a few, the only one needed.


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