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February 10, 2017, 12:10 PM
From an article on Bloomberg today:

"As part of the turnaround effort, Sears will analyze data to improve its product selection. It also will focus on the most profitable items, the company said. Lampertís bid to retool Sears has hinged on a rewards program called Shop Your Way, which is designed to unify the brick-and-mortar and e-commerce stores."

OK. How many of you do NOT focus on your most profitable items? Isn't this, like, Biz 101? What have they been doing? Besides losing money?

Honestly, I hate SEARS, been boycotting them for 25 years except in emergencies, when they are the only place to get what you need NOW (like a sump pump).

I was right with Radio Shack and SEARS is dead but just doesn't know it.

This article realized the spin, the "alternative facts" of the SEARS reality, it is sinking, and like the TITANIC, no amount of BS from their Captain (who has a big lifeboat of his own) is going to right that lost cause.

Maybe Kelly Ann Conway can start pimping SEARS brands?


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