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February 15, 2017, 10:57 AM
in short, we are hard wired to notice change, movement, sound, the DIFFERENT. It is a survival mechanism, a remnant of our evolution.

We take note of differences, incongruencies, things out of the ordinary.

Knowing this, we can use this to get attention. As the carrots did here, and the attention by the media, always on the look out for the odd story, but,

if you want to prosper, you then transition from ATTENTION gained to Attention HELD.

I have long asserted it is the only element of marketing/copywriting/story telling you need to focus on, once attention is lost so is your customer.

Early questions to the St. Patrick's Day report on advanced remote persuasion have been about this very subject, getting ATTENTION. It is, of course,important to gain attention, but then you have to take control of if and keep it to "foregone" conclusion.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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