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February 17, 2017, 11:00 AM
Thanks Gordon,

Johnny Depp is a perfect Example of a man who has
SIMPLIFIED his path to success at his job.


Johnny was asked, "How do you know when You Have a Character that will be a BIG HIT?

Answer - "When the Producers and the Director come over to me and say,
"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" -- I know we'll have a HUGE Hit."

(EDITORS NOTE - I read Chuck Jones book. As animation director at Warner
Brothers he helped created cartoons for —Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd
and Porky Pig. Those he created himself includes Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote,
Marvin Martian, Pepe le Pew, Michigan J. Frog.

Chuck and his team LOVED IT when their Boss or Bosses BOSS visited
and Told them "NEVER DO THIS Because it's not funny." Since Their BOSS was
ALWAYS WRONG - they all dived in to create what they knew was going to
be a HUGE HIT. Doing EXACTLY the opposite of what their Boss said.)


Two geniuses in 2 Different Jobs DEPEND on "THE SUITS" to Figure out
what to Create Next - That GUARANTEES SUCCESS!

In my own small way I am following in their footsteps.

For Example:

POINT I - 50% of home owners in the northeast use wood to Heat their homes.

POINT II - My Grandfather taught me to use an ax and a sledgehammer
and wedges to cut and then split wood.

After my Dad died at age 94 - I moved Back to the farm. Whole lotta
big Trees Dying and falling over.

So when an 81 yr old neighbor had a 4 Foot thick Dead maple Tree
cut down by the local Baltimore Gas Electric co guys - I Figured this would be A GOOD to Get In Some Practice.

I volunteered to "Help Split the wood so he could Move it off his lawn."

Bob said, "Take it. Whatever you split up with the Ax and Sledge is yours."

POINT III - MY Johnny Depp and Chuck Jones TEST to Find Out if
there is a Market for Wood Cutting HOW-To Books and Videos.

***I'm 6 feet from the road. Pulling on a peavy to tip one of the 5 foot thick
maple tree rounds flat so I can Split it. Truck driver STOPS IN THE Middle of
the road. Says, "Are you Crazy? Why not use a log splitter?

I looked at him and said, "Who is going to HELP me lift this onto the splitter?"

"OH." And he peeled rubber.

This kind of thing happens a LOT.

Lots of men.

Women rubberneckers.

Women with kids Point and Laugh.

Women walking dogs.


100% LOOK AT ME Like I am Crazy. Or TELL ME So.


So THANKS to Johnny and Chuck I found a HOT Niche. And have started
creating a series of products to go onto websites.

I've started collecting photos.

A Cherry Tree I am Cutting up Now...




Mad Scientist at the New Idea Mastermind Testing Network

Thanks Glenn,

Great metaphor with built in Oxymoron, I love it.

NO one online provides more case studies and real world examples of NLP than Glenn does, we are lucky and appreciate it when he shares with our forum members. I hope you all realize how special this is.

Glenn is an NLP expert. There is no argument that NLP is one of the great POWER Tools (or weapons if you are militarily inclined) of persuasion.

There are 1001 so-called NLP gurus selling stuff, and Glenn (my opinion: Better than most of those so-called experts, is the real deal) gives use usable technique which WORKS.

I like results. Results talk, BS walks. Simple as that.

Now about the metaphor:

Here Glenn is, a Zen Master of NLP, a true genius in persuasion (and one of the best at coming up with unique Pre-Occupational Interrupters)
out there using 19th century tech to get the job done with his trees.

Sure, he could use chainsaws, hydraulic log splitters, all the power tools available, yet he CHOOSES a more rewarding way for him to get the job done, good old fashioned hard work. Labor. The way we see the Amish doing it here in parts of Ohio.

And my metaphor is this. Although there are POWER TOOLS, or weapons or advanced techniques of persuasion...there are still the Willie Loman's of the world, burning shoe leather in the concrete jungles of selling getting
the job done
with 20th century, Old Elmers style Salesmanship.

Still out there cold calling, knocking on doors, seeing the people
practicing their

tested sentences that sell.
overcoming objections
engaging in being a problem solving partner

and having a good night's sleep from their hard efforts.

I see Glenn in the spirit of my late brother, who would rather spend a weekend replacing a transmission himself ...than spend his money to have it done. He loved the labor of it.

Me? If you read the story here

you saw my mother wisely point out to me I was more suited to selling and making money quickly and not very suited to doing the manual labor.

See, I'd be on the phone to Davey Tree, come cut these trees down. Or I'd call Glenn to come do it. I would rather enjoy the fruits of his labor in front of a fireplace snuggled with my sweety listening to the cherry crackles while Neil Diamond crooned Sweet Caroline.

Do what YOU love.

Do what you prefer.

From chopping wood to carrying water.

To making/saving money.

My brother didn't get why I would spend the 2k to get the transmission fixed and no matter how many times I pointed out his weekend of labor saving the 2k would be costing me 4k, or a net loss of two grand, he was stubborn.

But he loved doing the work and when you enjoy the labor as Glenn obviously does with his trees, it has it's own rewards within.

There is no right or wrong...just preference.

If you are doing just fine and dandy with your old world selling methods, if everything is hunky dory and you're not getting tired out, then keep on enjoying what you do.

BUT, if you are anything like me, and would rather spend a smaller amount of time to make a lot more money, which can be used to buy other people's labor, then you should consider learning and APPLYING all you can of the advanced methods of persuasion.

Now, then,

Listen up choir:

Bro J presents:


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