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February 16, 2017, 01:15 PM
Which car goes faster the green one or red one?

Silly question? Probably.

But I want to take a moment and take a look at Business concepts. OK?

Well even if it isn't OK with you, I'm going to do it anyway.

The foundation of a business is; Exchanging value for a profit.

If your business is not making a profit, probably won't last very long, unless, like Amazon you had/have deep pocket funding.

As was pointed out in a recent thread, the profit "formula" looks something like:

Finding a prospect for your goods and services
SELLING them (exchanging value) something so they become a CUSTOMER
Keep them a satisfied customer for as long as you can and continuously buying from you.

Yep, that's pretty basic 101.

Simple selling: set your TV on front porch with a FOR SALE sign on it, unless you live in the boondocks, this could work for you. Have a bunch of TV's in your garage and replace the one you just sold, closely resembles a retail business.

Simple and EASIER selling: when I visited the Quaker Square "Mall" in the old days, I would immediately smell the cookies being baked, it PULLED me downstairs and soon had cookie crumbs in my beard.

Never failed to get me. Steve DiMarco had nut kiosks in arenas, got the same effect, the smell of his nuts pulled people to his carts.

To me these are IDEAL retail type businesses, A- when you sell something that people want (like TVs on your porch) or B- when your customers are drawn or pulled to you and are almost robotic in their buying, are good models to pursue.

I had interest in the Ice Cream Truck from my 52 Scattered Cards Report...and we have a couple of members, including me, who have actually done this...and we've helped out some of you in deciding if this is what you want to do.

Ice Cream Trucks are a PULL, magnetic marketing, customer comes to you because they WANT what you have model, although driving in a neighborhood without your ice cream "siren" on isn't going to pull many to you.

Ice Cream Truck; SIMPLE: A freezer filled with ice cream, pre packaged treats.


COMPLICATED: stand, more complicated, mixed in front of you.

SEE? There is NO right way or wrong, it is what suits your business goals. I know guys who make 100k with their trucks (a few of them) I know more guys who make 100k with a bldg, a location.

What is great about Business is you get to pick and choose what and how much you want to do.

You can be a fly low collect the dough type, OR you could be a big time Entrepreneur building huge businesses from anything, if so motivated.

Garbarge/Trash: Wayne Huizenga Billionaire. Garbage/Trash; TINY's (expanded from tow trucks) local biz only service with 10 trucks

Junk is me; guy with pickup.

From simple to complicated. Basic to advanced. YOU get to choose.

No limits, no built in governors, no ceilings only YOUR desires and determination.

But, here is a problem I see over and over, decade after decade.

Too many begin with the COMPLICATED, dare I say, the convoluted. The difficult.

I preach, teach and want to work with action pre-ceeded by THOUGHT. Do the thinking first but get started immediately, and if you are not experienced,


even if you think you have the next big idea, start with simple, the test of concept,

the find the customer, pull them to you because they WANT what you have, before you start pounding the calculator keys on your way to being financially independent...or

make a few bux THEN use leverage or economies, scale, systems, etc. to get to a more complex, albeit oft more profitable level.

Nothing wrong with picking up trash to get started, ask billionaire Wayne about it.

But if you're still driving the truck after 5 years, you havea job, and may be self employed, but make sure it is what you WANT to be doing.

Push, pull, have something to SELL
and then go from there.

YOU can NOT use advanced persuasion techniques if you haven't used the basic tools. NO power tools for you until you can hit a nail with a hammer.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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