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February 22, 2017, 10:03 AM
Hi Gordon,

Thanks - great report!

There are plenty of ways to make moolah, and Skip had some great ones...

And what you're saying about writing reports is right too. They don't have to be long reports - if the info is good stuff, it doesn't have to be long at all. Quality and usefulness of the info is key.

By the way, Gordon, you have some of the best reports around. I'm always amazed at your ability to write up a great report yourself, that reveals great money-making info...

Best wishes,


Dien, I think the money making info is out there, available with a few clicks of a mouse or pad. It is finding the people who are doing, not just the theory guys....which I look for in a JV.

You know Dien, we've had offers from many people whom we have to turn down, and we've "protected" SowPub lists from abuse, albeit, maybe we should try a little "Caveat Emptor" and let everyone decide for themselves.

BUT, from a report writing view, give me some real life examples and not too much personality, so it can be replicated.

Outgoing, big personality salesman, can't be replicated, but if they have a system or method which removes their personal power from the process, now we may be on to something.

Interesting thing, very few people FINISH what they start, and with Specialy Reports and Automatic Product VEnding sites, I find it to be the UPDATED Pareto...

In his day, the 80/20 "rule" worked. In the modern Internet...

it is more like 96/4 and even less in the world of IM.


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