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View Full Version : How to overcome the brain's buying VETO. And close more sales.

March 15, 2017, 04:37 PM
The BP effect (aka readiness potential) is a burst of electrical brain energy right before a movement is made, such as pushing the BUY NOW BUTTON.

This takes place at a deep subconscious level. But then during the conscious act of moving your hand, you get a VETO power. This is where you lose your sale.

Is there a way to suppress this veto? Yes. And no. You can't beat freewill, you just have to tilt the scales in your favor where a continue is more powerful than a veto.

This is what copywriting and persuasive writing come into play.

Decisions to buy have to be overloaded during the BP process. This is why there is so much study into brain activity and how buying (even for politicians) decisions are being made.

The perfect sales page comes together when there is a harmony or synch between the reader and the seller. And timing plays a role too.

It is true in the fake news world that Trump is readying a device to send microwave commands via our microwave ovens directly to the area of our brains where our conscious veto power will be overcome by Trump implanted axons and dendrites. He is in effect wire tapping your brains and making you desire Ivanka Products, ones mostly made in China.

Better get your tin hats ready.

In the meantime you better get your selling perfected and your Automatic Product Vending sites up and running quickly. Thank goodness I'm here to help you.


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