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View Full Version : Some businesses making a bundle of bucks from the Trump Presidency

Dien Rice
March 17, 2017, 03:01 AM
There are some businesses who are already making a bundle from the Trump Presidency...

Who would they be?

Could it be gun manufacturers?

The NRA campaigned heavily for Trump. So you imagine, in their victory, Trump supporters would be out buying plenty of guns in elation...!

It turns out... The sale of guns has crashed since Trump became President. It turns out, when people were fearing Obama would take their guns away, they'd go out and stockpile guns like squirrels stockpiling acorns.

However, take that fear away, and they don't buy as many guns as they used to...

Some gun manufacturers are even firing workers due to lower sales...

But another industry is making big moolah... Which one?

It's the protest signs industry!

With all the protests, people who sell the materials to make protest signs are doing fantastic business!

Protest sign supplies are hotter than a sauna on Venus!

In January...

* Foam board sales rose by 42%.
* Poster board sales went up by 33%.
* Sales of paint markers and fabric paint for T-shirts all went up!

Clever businesspeople can profit from the desire of many people to protest!

Americans spent millions making Trump protests signs in January

Gun sales are stuck in a Trump slump

Remington Arms lays off 122

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