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Dien Rice
March 20, 2017, 08:24 AM
According to many analysts (including the AARP), if the so-called "TrumpCare" bill passes, many older Americans will have their health insurance premiums increased dramatically...

That means that fewer older Americans will be able to afford mainstream healthcare...

I've said that any change brings opportunity.

What's the opportunity here?

If people can't afford standard healthcare... More are going to turn to "alternative medicine"... Because that's all they can afford.

So, while the healthcare bill has not yet passed (and may change significantly before it passes), if it increases insurance premiums for many people... Expect to see an increase in the demand for cheaper "alternative medicine"...

Not saying I like it. But, it is what it is...

Providing cheaper "alternative medicine" will be a growing opportunity...

Health Bill a Bitter Pill for Older Americans

Best wishes,


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