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March 21, 2017, 10:20 AM
Spinning wheels, got to go round...talkin bout your troubles is a cryin sin

so sings Blood, Sweat and Tears.

In today's newsletter, I touched a nerve with some, cause it is the fastest response I've rec'd. Seems being in a RUT, resonated with some of you.

If your car gets stuck in mud or snow and you spin the wheels, you often as not dig a deeper rut. In life, this is like being constantly frustrated with yourself


you KNOW you could be doing better and know you have potential, but just keep stumbling over blocks in your path. Sometimes you create your own blocks, other times, they just get thrown at you.

So, in today's episode (#32) I gave you a very brief, succinct and pithy overview of how to make money either via a biz or just as a way to make some dang moolah.

This morning, more email about my SATURDAY MORNING little cash cows which are easy peasy to do. But I have a secret.

When someone contacts me I insist on a public meeting, I like McDonalds. I want to meet the person so I can hypnotize them.

I COLD READ, use powerful influence techniques (100 X more powerful than any copywriting) and then close the deal. Takes about 15 minutes.

Never called it COLD reading for most of my life, that is a recent name given to my very old talent which got started on a Sat. morning back in the Spring of 1960 with a trip to a field of flowers and learning te 3 magic words:


OH my!

I think we whom have been blessed with ADHD, it is a natural thing, but we don't understand it. We are mentally geared to notice small changes in people, we have heightened awareness (at a subconscious level) of breathing, facial expressions, body language.

Coupled with decades of study in selling, persuasion and influence...

it makes perfect sense I'm so much better at face to face selling than most people.

If you are setting up your own Workshop Cash Cows, one thing you could offer is a free taste, or sample or make guest appearances at Chamber meetings, lunch meetings, or just do it yourself.

Face to face is the way to go.

Of course, having courses, classes and workshops which people want to attend is the greatest leverage you can use.

I may have to do one; OUT OF THE RUT AND INTO YOUR FAST CASH LANE and judging from early feedback, I'd be able to fill that one up every week.

Are you too a student of COLD READING?

Now, I started with the Elmers; Wheeler and Leterman. But today I follow Derren Brown, Ian Rowland, Lynne Kelly, James Randi and several others.

Any other cold readers out there?


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