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March 22, 2017, 11:48 AM
We attract smart people here at SowPub. Maybe a few who are too smart?

This week I'm dealing with SEVERAL (so no, not you directly no matter if it feels like it or not, you are not alone)...

people who are in a rut.

And the common factor? ALL are intelligent people, much experience, lots of interests.

My standardized answer, FOCUS.

It is hard for smart people to think of only one thing, and hard for many to get things done, THUS...

DIGGING deeper ruts until they start to look like grave sites. YIKES!

One answer, FAST RESULTS. Quick success, albeit on a small scale.

I have no less than 7 people who have told me they want to do an Automatic Product Vending (APV) site...some going back a couple of months.

And to date? NOT ONE.

So I sigh. What else can I do? DOING has to become a part of your day. Thinking, planning and "figuring out" things doesn't move you closer to your dreams or goals. Only ACTION and solving problems in the direction of your goals works.

How can I help you to move? Or can I? I'm not sure at this point.

My holy TRIAD of successful endeavors hasn't changed in 20 years.


Build your tomorrow off of a solid foundation of where you are at
using what you have NOW
and create a framework you "rinse and repeat" for your projects and then

FOCUS on getting one thing done

ONE thing.

Happy to help DOERS, NOT too happy spending time with thinkers.

Make sense?


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