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ron lafuddy
April 17, 2017, 01:17 PM

The "America First" President has dropped two bombs recently. He has bragged he wouldn't be foolish and announce his hand, he'd take action.

Well, one has to wonder about the strategy or tactical move of announcing to the world, the Carl Vinson was being rerouted to Korea. Part of a saber rattling tactic during the Chinese visit? Who knows with this guy?

America First. But let's bomb Syria, Afghanistan and let the world know we're going to Korea area. Big day for Korea this weekend, wonder what Trump has in store for them?

In my recent HOTSHEETS, the feedback from those who gave it, has been one of surprise...because I custom tailored them for a specific area. Most were NOT expecting that.

The common things in all the HOTSHEETS were the pdf of US Gov. preparedness, and some links like the one above to the grab and go stuff.

These are hardly complete buckets, but at such an affordable cost, having a couple in the trunk of the car and some water, isn't such a bad idea.

Where would you go, if anywhere, if the USA was drawn into an exchange of bombs; mothers, nuclear or otherwise. No where? Stay put and watch it on TV?

Having an emergency plan of action doesn't harm anyone, because, tornados, hurricanes, volcanos, earthquakes, Tsunamis, idiots in Gov., can happen at anytime. I'm hoping Oklahoma makes it through May. Especially the Broken Arrow area.

As you look at a map of your area, if you want to prepper at all, look to water, and headways. Water. Food. etc., etc., and so on.


Mother's and Father's Day will be here before you know it.

In keeping with TSHTF theme, perhaps we could put together and sell a His & Her "bug out bag". Just what every parent wants!

(We do not yet have an "engendered" or tranny model, but will be taking orders soon...real soon. Crossdressers are standing by, waiting to take your call...and all that.)

Anyway, these would be filled with things needed to survive for a few days if need be. The options are endless

As a bonus, we might add in one of those Gordon hot sheet, mini booklets, about what to do in case of this or that type of emergency.

I've got my tinfoil hat on today, as we enjoy a breather from the N. Korean situation.

Remember though, it ain't over til the fatman sings.


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