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Dien Rice
April 18, 2017, 03:53 AM
Like many other people, I generally put all my items in my "to do" list in one big list...

However, a friend recently sent me an interesting article. This article pointed out that not all tasks are alike!

The author divides tasks into to types... "Manager"-type tasks, and "Maker"-type tasks...

Manager tasks are those where you are managing things, to make sure things keep running well. It could include paying bills, tidying up, replying to customer inquiries, or hiring people to do things for you...

Maker tasks are the creative tasks. That could include writing an ebook or report, writing a series of promotional emails, designing a business model (for a future planned business), and other work that requires thought and creativity...

Manager tasks generally don't require a lot of time. Scheduling half an hour or less for each task is often sufficient...

Maker tasks, on the other hand, require longer time periods. Half-day or full-day blocks are better, to keep the "flow" going!

You can be more efficient if you divide your tasks and plans into "manager" and "maker" time periods... And make sure you do schedule those "maker" time periods, so those creative tasks get done!

This is something I'm planning to do (I haven't implemented it yet)... Writing this post is one way of reminding myself to do it... :)

If you try it out, please let me know how it goes for you... :)

One Googler’s take on managing your time

Best wishes,


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