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April 19, 2017, 09:43 AM
I'm in need of a Wizard to get a new brain.

Half a century error free, now two mistakes in the last week. The latest one has to do with my Fly Low and Collect the Dough UPDATE HOTLINE, and it was confusing, so, let me clarify.

Right below the link to Revised Automatic Product Vending Report, it reads:

I recorded the many hours with Harvey Brody for my own use and agreed I wouldn't share the actually phone calls, but he did want me to share the general content, which is available in his courses, often available at an eBay auction.

If you want to build a family of APV sites, at least one a month, this opportunity could be for you.

Several readers have asked about...

Hastily written and sloppy writing. I should have separated the paragraphs and either inserted the word NEXT or the following between this AND opportunity.

I apologize for the confusion.

Promise the last two episodes will be better.

As many of you know, Harvey Brody is one of several mentors I've been blessed with over the years, I detailed these in my Nectar Report (not currently available).

The OPPORTUNITY, so clear in my mind, yet so confusing in my newsletter is...

if someone were interested in extracting some of that nectar from my brain, as it is (better hurry it's going fast...HA!)

They would easily have at least one and maybe two or three APV sites per month. All of my mentors certainly deserve a special report of their own, and at the end of it, there would be several bundles and/or a FAMILY of products.

So, once again, and hopefully it will be awhile, I find myself needing to apologize for another brain fart.

I've written about it several times in the past, the fastest and easiest product you can create today, is an interview with someone. Selling that information, well, that's pretty much what the whole APV this about, eh?

Thank you for being understanding and forgiving.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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