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April 22, 2017, 11:40 AM
Great Sat. Morning for Chatteling, I'm back for lunch, going back out. First of the yard sales, perfect day for it. I'm amazed at how much stuff people accumulate. Anyhow,

Some of you have known me for 20 years, and some for 20 minutes. What the old timers know is that I am a TIME nut, a fanatic about my time. I insist on spending it how I want. So, I may give you an hour on the phone if I want to, but you can't buy that hour of time for any price, if I don't want to.

Today there is more of the NOT wanting to, which is why I've advised you all to get questions, comments or whatever to me ASAP, because my time for YOU is about to get very limited. Generous days are gone. Selfish times ahead.

Anyhow, regarding an Automatic Product Vending site. There is no right, wrong or exact way to do it. You can create a static, set it and forget it (except for traffic) and let it bring in whatever income it can.

This forum, is a dynamic site, albeit, not as dynamic as it once was. Forums are a carryover from the old Bulletin Board (bbs) days of usenet.

Just got "challenged" on my 30 years of online claim, a whippersnapper said it was impossible because the INTERNET hasn't been around that long...

poor lad. Archie, Veronica, etc. Actually I've been online since 1985 and before that, in the mid 70s had my first online experience in San Francisco sending messages to my friend Carl Stevens in Berkeley. My first contact with real computers in 1969, which I have written about extensively.

A dynamic site is one that has constant content, is USED, and calls for someone, somewhere to maintain and look after it (thank goodness for Dien Rice).

A static site just sits there, requires no maintenance just traffic.

You can have both, like this one. SowPub is a hybrid, or a combo. Today the preference is for blogs and Facebook or other GROUPS. But they serve the same purpose, for ACTIVITY, and exchanges of ideas.

In recent years the WordPress Blog with its million and one plug ins has become the de facto way to have a dynamic personal site.

The fundamental difference between active/dynamic sites and static/set-it-forget-it sites is.....

TIME. If you are going to spend 20 hours a week or more on your Internet marketing thing, then I advise a dynamic site, in other words; PARTICIPATE. It is how you build a following. If you want one.

If you are old and tired like me, then STATIC sites are more suited, HOWEVER, and this is a point I need to make to those that have known me for only 20 MINUTES, is:

Static sites need traffic, and if you haven't in some way established yourself, if you don't have a list of buyers or you haven't spent 20 years of your TIME... PARTICIPATING in online activity...

you will probably need to do Joint Ventures, and/or as I advise, have a clearly fleshed out


where you create a new product a month, have a place to let the world know who you are and what you are about, and build a business by working at it.

This does NOT mean a static stand alone site can't produce a decent income, I use The Boz and HEADLIGHT CLEANING as one example, but you will find examples right here, some of our APV sites have been up over a decade or longer.

So, there is NO conflict with what I say about APV. You can have an active site, create multiple reports, offer bundles, have stand alone products and do joint ventures, you are AT a site right now which has done all and more.

But, in the end, as far as your decision goes whether or not to create an APV site or to involve yourself in selling information...it comes down


YOURS, not mine, I am for the most part done with it, but my advice to younger people is to build something for yourself which is going to last 17 years like SowPub has done for us.

YOU get to do whatever you want to do, like I have.

And therefore, it once again comes full circle:

What do you want?


PS. I also think you learn more by actually doing than thinking, but for some of you, aren't you tired of going full speed ahead and getting to far behind quickly?

www.writerstollbooth.com/apv2017.pdf (http://www.writerstollbooth.com/apv2017.pdf)

OH, the APV report goes off the market May 1, 2017.

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