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May 16, 2017, 04:20 PM
Before I resubmerge back into creative writing stuff, I have to clarify a couple of things...

This NEW apprentice program is NOT a buy in deal, it isn't about your money, in some cases, there could be rebate, it is about having a little skin in the game to keep you focused for four months.

I have enough already, but, not everyone who sent me an email yesterday will qualify. I'm asking ALL the people interested to send me
a short one page, pithy and succinct

letter of interest...

Maybe 4 or 5 paragraphs (short) telling me what you want to do in the four months and how that fits into your one year goal.

From there, we'll talk. And if we fit, then we can proceed.

IF you want the MOAR, (mother of all REPORTS {gja money making} then Dien Rice is the man you want)...

This "apprentice" program is for a few who want to DO. And YOU get to custom design it, I'm like a buffet or smorgasbord of experience you can partake from, whatever YOU need...it is NOT about me doing a brain dump, or regurgitating all the posts I've ever made.

What do you need? Ideas? Motivation? Instruction? Plans? I don't know.

No two people will get the same thing from me. I have no off the rack solutions for anyone...but I do offer a very FEW custom tailored programs, of a fast start/quick to profits, within a framework of your choosing...

And by using all the tools I have, including or excluding the SQ1...

to help you

get what you want. WHAT DO YOU WANT?

And that will be the first question I ask you, and hopefully, you will have included that in one of your five paragraphs, OK?

Hurry, I'm almost about to push the DIVE, DIVE, DIVE horn.


PS. On a different note, I may have a few works (poems, plays or scripts) which could use a patron, a patron whom I would happily share the results with. Inquire. gjabiz@yahoo.com.

Just so you have no excuses, if you don't have PayPal, then I can and will accept payment via Amazon eGift cards; gjabiz@yahoo.com

But hurry, a couple of guys have already been given their second assignments (first, of course, is to PAY ME-Ha!)


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