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May 17, 2017, 10:40 AM
We'll look at Automatic Product Vending sites, BUT, the process is basically the same for all transactions.

Something to sell: TV on front porch.
A promotion: Cardboard sign on porch; TV for SALE.
An exchange, usually money. CASH only.

With an APV site, you need something to sell. We've done everything from one page HOTSHEETS to huge reports, books, even private groups.

A PLACE to sell it; web site, or a hosting site, like dropbox, where you can put your

PROMOTION, your sales page. Could be a simple PDF file created from your Open Office word processor, my preference (frikkin WORD is too intuitive always trying to correct me and tell me what to do, NOT this guy B.Gates)

A way to take money a payment processor, like PayPal, merchant account, Stripe, etc.

A delivery system automated so you don't have to be involved in the transaction. With PayPal, you use a THANK YOU page, where there is either a direct link to your product or a way to download it. REMEMBER, YOU WANT AUTOMATION.

So, you make ONE sale. What do you do with the customer? Put her on a LIST, so you can keep contact and make other offers, best way to automate your list is via AUTORESPONDER, like Aweber, Mail Chimp (to get started) or any which suits your needs.

Once you have a customer, you know at least one area of interest, you can create, acquire or simply promote affiliate products, but you want to increase THE LIFETIME VALUE of your customer.

In this new apprentice program, I want people to have something for sale in their first 10 days. Preferably within a week.

By DOING, AND not overthinking things, you encounter the mundane tasks required, and you learn. Starting small, but STARTING quickly, with something for sale.

In the last few days, I've gone hoarse from my talks. Some ideas are pretty convoluted. Hard to build a castle, if you've never built a shed. Learn to get a plan or blueprint, gather materials, and build the shed.

Then the garage, and go from there. I don't have a blueprint for you to follow, that is what the four months are for, to help you build your own PLAN, and to get you take quick action, and make adjustments.

I'm casting off from the dock in 5 days. Take advantage now.


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