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May 19, 2017, 08:53 AM
1st: because I've rec'd more than one email; "Gordon, what the HELLo are you talking about?" Some background for some of our newer members, OK?

Four years, two days, 11 hours and 17 mins, was the time I spent on active duty in the US Navy, as a submarine cook/baker (CS2 SS). 2.5 years on USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN 624 Gold Crew and my last 10 months on USS Grayback LPSS 574. The Woody Woo was part of the 41 For Freedom group of nuclear powered ballistic missile subs, the Grayback was a landing party transport.

During the first 2.5 years, I was on 90 day schedules, we would spend 30 days in Guam prepping the sub, then 60 days, a long two months ON PATROL, submerged the entire time.

Then, after patrol, the other crew would take over and repeat while we went back to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and spent 90 days doing something. For me, the something wasn't very much; attend a few trainings here and there.

Fast forward several years, as a houseparent in a group home, for 8 years, we also operated on 90 day cycles with our Individual Education Programs.

So 90 day cycles have become a habit for me, broken into 3 30 day periods.

Today, I'm writing at a pretty quick clip, and it leaves precious little time to do anything else, like hang out on forums and all this Internet stuff, which is mostly distraction for me, at this point. So I took a couple of weeks off, and come the 22nd, I'm back to "work".

Since most of that time is for creative writing projects, I have little time to do any writing in the business niche, my bread and butter these last 20 years.

But rather than abandon it completely, I've set aside some "break" time from the plays, scripts, movie plots; like the zombie apocalypse (where all the zombies become Don Trump clones...HA!)

I will use that biz talk time to help a few of my so called "apprentices".

I know from the many years online there are some talented people who are stuck, spinning their wheels, getting sidetracked and spending too much time NOT getting what they want (although, I've found many who simply can't articulate what that is)...

So I have this NEW apprentince program, sort of, it is NOT a specific training like I've done in the past for marketing or copywriting or writing.

I don't know what your apprenticeship will look like, you have to tell me what you need. The first few need FOCUS...

AND MOTIVATION. I am gladly planting my boots on a few Azzes these days, although, I believe motivation comes from the pursuit of a worthwhile goal.

So step one, is let's set a worthwhile goal, for one year from when you start, then I will assist you for four months to get you to a fast start and the first 30 days is doing, and then YOU go on your own patrol. You have A PLAN OF ACTION.

Execute the first 90 days of your plan under my guidance, to correct some of the misdirections and false or sloppy ideas you'll come up with. By the end of the apprenticeship, YOU should be in charge of your plan.

By then, you should be at a scale up/expand point having gotten the daily mundane out of the way so you have a good grasp on your plan.

I'm charging 50 bux a month for this four month commitment. Why so cheap?

Because I WILL benefit from your long term goals in the form of a joint venture, don't worry about me and what I charge. If 50 bux a month is too steep for you, friend, you don't have a very good chance at success in the next year to begin with, thanks for eliminating yourself from the applicants.

I need to know what you want, and we talk. Some people are just not suited to my style and there is no sense for either of us to get involved in a "touchy" relationship to begin with, right?

So, in 3 days, I'll be back to writing my Great American Poem, or movie, or maybe the next MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN slogan for the next Presidential candidate. Something like; HAZMAT SUITS FOR EVERY AMERICAN, or something...

So, hope you now have a little better understanding and get what the Jello I'm talking about, OK?

Gordon Jay Alexander

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