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May 20, 2017, 09:23 AM
unlike the REAL anxiety almost all of us felt a couple days before our submarine Patrol, these are minor by comparison.

Want to know what it is like on a sub? Get 10 people at random, of the same sex, board up your small house, and don't leave for 2 months. There you go.

OH, limit the water use, and use just the fridge and freezer you have.

This coming "patrol", and I use the term snickering, I've got my 60 days broken into 6 blocks of ten days each, I don't like weeks, too short really to use as a measuring device...

The center of my PictoGrigm has one word in it, ECLIPSE. On Jan 30, 1972 we had a full lunar eclipse, and some events of that period have generated a lot of creative ideas for me, so this is my primary writing objective.

But the sheet looks a little like a solar system with ECLIPSE being the sun in the center and other planetary IDEAS circling it, including the small moon of the apprentice program.

See, I use the SQ1 on a daily basis as a tool to keep me focused, make sure I don't drift too far out in space, and it seems to work pretty well.

Back on the Sub, once I had qualified and earned my dolphins, I took books and USAFI courses with me, and usually spent a lot of my free time studying, listening to cassettes or reading books, when I wasn't practicing my ASTRAL PROJECTION.

In port, I took classes at U of Hawaii, including Marine Biology, Celestial Navigation, Hawaiian Folklore and went to the Aikido studio most days to practice my "bastart" martial art.

For you writers:

What sort of schedule do you use? I write every day, and have for over 50 years. It becomes a habit,

much like selling, marketing or pretty much a life...do you control and set your habits?

The 4 months in the apprentice program is really all about getting YOU into a habit


which automatically take you toward your goal, one step, one rung at a time by cementing your daily HABITS into the most effective form FOR YOU, they can be in.


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