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Dien Rice
June 24, 2017, 10:19 PM
Hi, Dien - here's another wee thought.

The power of Amazon Prime - I wrote this on my FB page. We sell in the Amazon marketplace and sometimes it's just impossible to beat the big boys at their own game. However, the consumer in me knows that customers are spending more than necessary, just because of the skill of the Amazon branding team :O

"So, when is Amazon Prime not so prime?? Well, we've been selling on Amazon for a few years now and, like other big companies, Amazon keeps changing the goalposts. For merchants like us, it used to be that you could price your products a few pence cheaper than the Amazon Prime price and your product would get the "Buy Box" - in other words, our inventory would show up for you to buy.

Nowadays, though - Amazon have changed the way this works. For instance -


This shows the Amazon Prime product (and there are two listings at the same price of 8.95) and when one seller runs out of inventory, then the other one will be visible for you to make your purchase.

We have the same product listed at 7.99 (delivered free in the UK) - which is a significant saving.


So, when you are making your purchases, you are actually paying 96p more for your item and I believe we would match most delivery conditions. The only service we don't offer is Same Day Delivery.

This isn't a one-off .... there are probably loads of products on Amazon Prime which are more expensive than merchant supplied inventory.

We don't get a free ride on Amazon, either. Merchants pay a monthly subscription and a fee per item sold!"

So, by planning ahead and checking pricing really carefully on Amazon, you can save more money .... money in the bank, really.

My mother would be shocked :D

Hi Margaret,

Thanks for the "heads up" on how Amazon works!

I've noticed, pretty much all these big companies change the "goal posts" once they have what they want...

My feeling is - use them for your own use, but it's best not to depend on one company for all of your business! (So that, when they change things, you're not left in the lurch...) I've known people who were dependent on one sales channel - and their whole business collapsed when things changed...

And thanks for the money-saving tip on Amazon! You're probably right, people probably assume that what they see first is the "best deal" - because that's how it used to work! Now we know to look a bit harder... :)

Best wishes,


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