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June 23, 2017, 09:30 AM

Marcus has done a pretty good job for his first effort, and the report he is offering is good too, more than just about selling cars. Not bad for a first month of part time effort.

NOW, most APV sites can be put up this fast, no reason you can't have 12 done by next summer. The key is to have them related, for example most of our APV sites are related to either writing or business or both.

Marcus could have some related to cars, others to selling, and of course, he will want to develop back ends, upsells, cross sells, A LIST, and continue to market what his BUYERS have an interest in.

A couple of other guys, who ran into some life challenges, (it happens), will be getting their APV sites up soon.

I want to make a point. About time.

IF something takes 10,000 hours to master, or just 100...the clock begins when you start. I like to use the initial hours/time to get off to a FAST start and get some results. IF selling something, that means sales.

Dien and I have some exciting projects coming down the pike, and my family and friends THINK TANK is producing a wide range of IDEAS, everything from political ideas, content for the BEAST of content buyers...Netflix, HBO, Google, Amazon, Verizon/Yahoo...

Seems both Washington and Hollywood have more money than brains, therefore, we are ready to trade some of our brains for some of their money. Why not? It is a supply/demand goldmine.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. Two slots have opened up for anyone wanting to build a slew of APV sites, you can have a 4 month option or longer, one of those can be a done for you option, but you'll need slightly deeper pockets than my current apprentices.

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