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July 7, 2017, 09:08 AM
The chattel part of the July 4 5-in-1 report is based upon Skip Rosell's concepts, I rarely use them, unless I find something I know sells well, recently the guy in FL was doing great with certain bed items, so I set alerts for that.

BUT, I don't look for THINGS. And this is hard concept to get until you do it for a period of time. Most don't.

For example, I search for things for sale listed between 299 and 401. I can quickly breeze through local craigslists and see if there is any UNDER VALUED chattel available. At this price point, I'm looking for a 50 buck potential of profit after expenses.

And then I go up in increments of 100 bux from there, each bump up should add at least 20-30 dollars of profit.

So, use alerts, but make sure you do your due diligence of what Amazon and eBay are selling the item for.

The less complicated you make it, the faster profits come to you.

CIRCULATION beats storage every time.

(Or almost every time).

Gordon Jay

PS. July 4th special ends tomorrow.


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