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July 13, 2017, 09:00 AM
Hi Gordon,

The "view from the rooftop" is a good way to do things...

I often find myself too busy "fighting fires"... Things become "urgent" even if they're perhaps not that "important"... But then the real "important" things aren't getting done...!

Yeah, sometimes I'm an idiot...

I need to do more "viewing from the rooftop" too!

Best wishes, :)


You have just identified the number one "lament" from a majority of people's perspective. As Joe Karbo put it, most are too busy earning a living and don't make time to make money.

Yea, he said MAKE TIME. It was perhaps my biggest takeaway from S. CA when I left. You have to make time, for whatever it is you want. Which comes back around to either managing your time, managing activities and in most people's cases, cutting some things out of the schedule.

The #! mistake almost 90% of everyone I've worked with is, they OVERESTIMATE the amount of time they actually have to do a project.

In the 4 month apprentice program, they find that out very quickly. 120 days is enough time, if you can FOCUS a given amount a day, even an hour, and dedicate that time to doing the ONE thing.

I believe you have confessed to a universal "problem", one which is a billion dollar industry already (Time Management) and yet, there is not a one size fits all, except for SQ1, which works for everybody.

Focus is a residual effect from DISCIPLINE, which itself, is born of HABIT.

and most of us don't know how to shut off the reptile brain of instant gratification and turn on the motivation to stay with something to completion. One help: smaller tasks with faster rewards. My rungs up the side resemble a fire escape on a bldg, and each 7 steps up, there is a platform, to rest and collect my reward. It is easier going up this kind of ladder than one without any clear stopping points.

So try a fire escape type ladder on one of your projects. Will ya?


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