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September 19, 2017, 11:39 AM
Thanks for posting this.

A couple of quick points from my perspective. First, it shows how desperate some people are for companionship/mates. And this is a deep seated drive in humans, the built in primal urge to mate and procreate.

It shows people with the money, try to buy some happiness, or their idea of it.

It shows a good example of a MiddleMan Business, which we've discussed many times.

The offline matchmakers are alive, well, and many are thriving. And they take many forms too.

Dien, is hoping to become one, when he matches a buyer of the 200 lighted signs to the seller, for a 25% piece of the action.

I think these kind of matchmakers have an easier go of it, re: making money.
There is the matchmaker who hooks up people with money, to those who want to borrow some...a loan broker, or a realtor who hooks up people looking for types of real estate with the buyers.

Any business which helps people overcome their loneliness and hooks them up with other people, is probably going to be a good business.


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