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Dien Rice
September 21, 2017, 08:07 PM

I just read this in Peter Shankman's blog...

(Though this entry is from 2 years ago.)

"I have a setting where IFTTT shows me any Instagram photo (in real time) taken by anyone within a one block radius of my office. I do it because it’s cool to see what people are photographing, but wouldn’t it be cool if you were a company to be able to see those photos as they happen, and comment 'Hey, nice photo – I see our restaurant in the background – Come on in, ask for Peter, and your first drink is on us!'"


IFTTT ( www.ifttt.com ) stands for "If This, Then That"... It's a way of making various things happen, when something happens to trigger it. For example, when certain people post on Twitter, I've got it set up to send me a text message alert (so I can read their Twitter entry when I'm not busy).

However, I hadn't heard of this use of it!

This suggests you can use this for local marketing... For example, let's say you have a local restaurant. Whenever someone local to the restaurant posts on Instagram, you'll know about it. You could then make a positive comment, in a way letting them know that you're from this local restaurant. It could help "spread the word" about the restaurant among those local to you...

Just an idea which occurred to me. I'm not doing any local marketing right now, but... I'm just about to start doing so (for a money transfer business). This is also sparking other ideas (using IFTTT) too...!

Best wishes,


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