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Glenn September 6, 2020 07:53 PM

How to Use CELEBRITY Headlines to Attract Readers
Thanks Dien,

I Combined an NLP Headline.


Name Dropped a Movie Star name, "Harrison Ford"


Wrote Thank You Notes to The Editors of Several Magazine Publications
inside - About Articles THEY Wrote.

GOT write for a Magazine Called "INNOVATION".

Hey, Glenn! I enjoyed reading your story. Would you like to submit it to The Innovation? I'm adding you as a writer :) You can follow the steps to submit your story:


I got Thrown Out of 2 Other Magazines
because I didn't Match what other Writers were Writing about.


I actually got the EDITOR of a Magazine called "INNOVATION" to:

A - Add me as a WRITER - without my asking.

B - Add me as a writer without me having to fill out a Form or Jump thru hoops.

C - ASK me to send an Existing Article to Him - so He can Include it in his Magazine.


Movie Star Name Dropping Tactic is Something I Should Do MORE OF.


Here is the link to my EPIC - NAME DROPPING Article...

Dien Rice September 15, 2020 12:07 AM

Is this Keanu Reeves' secret of success?

Originally Posted by Glenn (Post 41099)
Here is the link to my EPIC - NAME DROPPING Article...

Hi Glenn,

LOVE your story and I have no doubt that it works!

Celebrities get attention and eyeballs... And you can "piggyback" on them in a legal way...

Pretty much every celebrity magazine or TV show is "piggybacking" on the attention we give celebrities...

Keanu Reeves is a huge celebrity. He got attention with the first "Bill and Ted" movie... and most people thought he was just a dumb "flash in the pan"...

But now, 31 years later... He's made his third Bill & Ted movie! So take that, naysayers...!

An important Keanu quote I think is this...

"Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger."

Wise words, especially for now...!

Best wishes,


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