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GordonJ February 15, 2022 09:14 AM

Decrypting GJA-SQ1 gold, or all about money... a single sentence.

I've been accused of being cryptic. OK. Guilty as charged. Also, I float Red Herring balloons, which have proven handy over the years for making important discoveries.

I once wrote a song, with apologies to Band NENA, which I called 99 Red Herring Balloons. Anyhow...


One of my many money making gems. Even lottery winners have bought or stole a ticket, they DID something. Inheritances and gifts from MeMaw aside, in the world of getting our hands on some cold hard cash, an

EXCHANGE has to take place.

If you buy into this premise, then it starts with the nothing, and that then becomes SOMETHING. Which is>>>>>>> What?

On the GJA-SQ1 Pictogrigm of finances, we see sources and distribution, TAXES before anything else, and what is left is, well, what is left.

The sources of the SOMETHING are:

Legacies (the only time you DO get something for nothing)
-Real Estate: Land-Buildings-Housing (Use and Appreciation)-Leases-Rights-Rentals-Sales

-Chattel (personal property)-Art-Collectibles-Boats-Cars-Stuff

-Business ownership> Absentee-Stocks-Participatory-Joint Ventures-Partnerships

-Proprietary ownership> Patents-Copyrights-Formulas-Processes-KNOWLEDGE.

If you have one that doesn't fit the list, please add it.

Now, most people GET, You Don't Get Paid for Doing Nothing.

But it is often the SOMETHING which is where they get stymied.

I've seen that this year (the last month and a half), for those who would like me to create a report and get them started in information selling, they don't know WHAT that something is, the thing they need to DO to make money.

With information, it is SELLING, the creation is either fun, fact or hard to do, but with outsourcing and PLR, content is the easiest thing to create.

It is the SELLING of the information which matters.

So, the SOMETHING you do to get paid is to make an offer of what you have to someone who MIGHT be interested.

And that starts another cryptic chain of thoughts. See?

WHO, for me, always comes before the WHAT.

There are 3 ways to GET PAID FOR DOING...

Doing> Shoveling snow, cleaning headlights, washing windows, mowing, making pizzas. Doing MULTIPLIED via OPD Other People Doing for you.

Selling> One could offer these above DOING services as a middleman, like Angi (formerly Angie's List) or the paid ads on Craigslist.

So You can sell your own stuff, either acquired or produced by yourself, or you can sell other people's stuff, like AFFILIATE marketing.

Advising> Or coaching, mentoring, supervising, guiding, leading.

The SOMETHING is going to be one of those THREE things, not a list of 30 or 40, but deciding on whether you will do, sell or advise.

It becomes less cryptic, and more clear.



is another hidden GJA mantra, the Triad of
Money is a MEASURE of value.
Money is an EXCHANGE of value.

To GET more, give more.
Another stereogram of GJA cyptology.


GordonJ February 15, 2022 11:30 AM

Bread and butter, gig investments.
Work is the way the majority of people make their bread and butter, the income that keeps a roof over our heads and food on the table.

Side hustles, gigs, part-time jobs can be used for growth.

Work, could include running your own business, many have a job with themselves. One problem with your business being your job, primary source of income, often there are additional expenses that eat up investment profits.

Which makes side hustle money so sweet. Take the BOZ, our old Bud from the headlight cleaning days, he took his 400 Xtra bux a week (- tacos or Chinese Buffet) and used that to buy mobile homes, which he rented out or sold on a land contract type deal, actually more of an option to buy, but the point being he invested his GIG money into recurring income streams.

Online, for almost a decade now, RECURRING monthly income has been one of the big ideas so many IM gurus preach. It is often achieved with a members area, a recurring fee, such as Software use, or access, like with Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax.

Offline, rentals, leases, some royalties, residuals, interest, can provide monthly recurring income.

So, one can go from DOING a gig, like cleaning headlights, to ABSENTEE ownership with a recurring income.

I have found it rare to find Online people who think about letting their money make them money, because they are too busy trying to make their money.

I once managed a store it location, where these JUNK storage spaces brought in several thousand dollars a month, and it was a hot investment not long ago, and big players, like U-HAUL are getting into it, offering INDOOR units for to store your stuff. We have TWO big indoor facilities less than a mile apart, so a lot of demand there.

As I further discuss the GOLD ring of the circus of life, these are ideas for your consideration.


GordonJ February 16, 2022 10:26 AM

Where the head goes, the body follows.
One of my fav Gordonisms. Where YOUR head goes, YOUR body follows.

Taught to me by my pulling guard football coach in Jr. High.

Simple to understand with your body, but where it really matters, is in your gray matter.

I've worked with probably thousands of people these last 50 years and it has been one of the biggest hurdles many people have, their THINKING.

I'm stubborn, when it comes to PLANNING, and thinking through the idea, concept, project or product BEFORE I put a lot of time and effort into something. In 50 years, it is rare that I've encountered a person who does likewise.

Besides not knowing what they want, people are nebulous in their thoughts, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, kids might say.

What dominates your mind, what you think about determines the action you will take.

Where is your head at regarding your current project? Positive, confidently striding in the direction of your goal?

Because, where your head goes, the body follows.

GordonJ February 17, 2022 02:05 PM

Fly Low and Collect the Dough.
Thanks to friend Bob Beckman, I adopted the ABOVE THE FRAY and UNDER THE RADAR philosophy, which is Fly Low and Collect the Dough.

What we see online today are millions of talking, dancing heads, some people striking it rich with all that (small % of overall)...and a lot of prancing, preening and look at me and my cars, mansions, yachts and big bank statements.

Good for them. Wish them all, continued success.

Maybe we've always lived in a PAY ATTENTION TO ME society, but before the Internet, we didn't have to. Now, it is hard to go anywhere online without someone yelling at you to SEE them.

I can't look at one more talking head. Man, woman, dog or cat. NO!

Today, more than ever, I appreciate my OFF line pursuits, and even the old cash in the mailbox stuff, all of which is done sans attention.


MORE noise. Until it is hard to hear anything other than the hype. The idea that any given person is living a grander life than another, well, it is philosophical after all, right?

Mother Teresa vs. Donald Trump, who had the grander existence?

The conundrum for many of us marketers is how to attract the RIGHT kind of attention, that of a BUYER who wishes to transfer some moolah to our accounts.

And ONE answer has been PERSONALITY. Be someone. Someone KNOWN, looked at, tons of eyeballs upon and parlay that into money. It works.

So today's question is: HOW much fame, how known do you need to be? What is your want for recognition and for many online ventures, it is more about having people LOOK at you, rather than giving you money.

As you want, of course.

But ME? I will continue to soar beneath the high voltage wires and above the noise of the Internet.



Millard Grubb February 18, 2022 07:15 AM

Re: Decrypting GJA-SQ1 gold, or all about money...
Gordon, I think you make a lot of sense.

There is WAY too much hype everywhere.

I prefer the very low-key approach. I like people. I like to get to know them.

We converse. I ask them about their work or business. I drop a few tips about things that can help them. If they are interested, I may pursue doing business with them.. but maybe not. I only help businesses that are selling items or services I believe in.

However, I am leaning more into teaching business owners what to do rather than getting hands on. The BIG challenge is that most business owners WANT someone to do it for them !

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