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Dien Rice April 28, 2022 12:04 AM

Little-known fact about a Nobel Prizewinner...
Hi Gordon,

Many people will read your post and think... "that's impossible!"

(Yeah, I saw that it is "un-true"... but hear me out... :) )

A little-known fact...

Nobel Prizewinner Richard Feynman used do do physics calculations...

Sitting at his local topless strip-joint...

As for me... I like a little bit of "people-watching" distraction when I work... But that's a little bit too distracting...

Great story, by the way... You still "got it!"

Maybe I'll rewrite it out by hand, Gary Halbert-style... :)

Best wishes,


P.S. More about the (true) Richard Feynman story...


Originally Posted by GordonJ (Post 42824)
OK Buckwheat, lets see what you got. Said Gary as we sat at the table in the local Strip Club.

I had to write a promotion in less than an hour.

Something about prayer cloths and prayer requests.

It was my final exam. It was the lunch crowd, ten cent wings, dollar drinks.

Misty, Sheila, Buffy and Candie were the main performers.

When the alarm clock went off, I put down the pen.

Gary read it quickly, said, It sucks.

Reset the timer, and we sat through the next round...

Desiree, Krystal, Monica and Melody.

I started over.

Finally, after a day of writing, Gary gave me the not so bad signoff.

The Client made millions, Gary got his, I got an attaboy (and a tassel from Candie).

Totally untrue story....

I didn't write a thing this time, and the tassel came from Buffy.


panczyk May 5, 2022 08:03 AM

Re: Using Your Voice To Make Money
Well, not sure if books existing solely as audio versions would be selling well. But I've never been into listening to books really. I'm rather an e-book person. If it comes to selling audio products I would rather aim for podcasts than audio books. They are getting more and more popular now, along with webinars and other online classes. Just choose a niche and share your expert knowledge in that niche.


trevord92 May 5, 2022 12:12 PM

Re: Using Your Voice To Make Money
Audio books do nicely - ask Audible -and they've been around for what seems like forever, Nightingale Conant were originally on vinyl.

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