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Glenn November 5, 2018 07:32 PM

How We Made a 913.89 S*ale Using ***Carnegie Competition***
Thanks Gordon,


“How We Made a 913.89 S*ale Today Using The “Carnegie Competition Strategy”

STEP ONE - We Sent a F-r-e-e E-Book to Jeremy in TX.

STEP TWO - AFTER Reading it. Jeremy Wanted to B*UY the Rest of the 4 Part B*illion D*ollar Referral System (I Learned from 426 Mil Mentor Walter Hailey) Described in our 1-of-a-kind book.

STEP THREE - Jeremy Reminded me to Send Him a PayPal Invoice for 350.00 
And the Rest Next Month.

STEP FOUR - Invoice/Moolah Sent/Jeremy Started Listening to the 6 hr mp3 Program. Heard us Mention, “Munny LUVS Speed” - a Dr to Dr S*ales Script that Built 2 Different Direct S*ales Companies to 1 B*illion each.

STEP FIVE - Jeremy emails to ask, “How Much to B*uy the “Munny LUVS Speed” Mp3 Program?

STEP SIX - I Sent Jeremy the Following Note:

Subject Line: “Just Found Your MUNNY LUVS SPEED Email Request”-Glenn

Thanks Jeremy,

Just looked up "Munny LUVS Speed" is 9138.99

Since you Passed the GOLDEN RULE Lotto ticket test at .

You Pay Only 10% or 913.89



If you want to Divide the 900 in half and Pay in 2 Chunks of 450.00 - we can do that.

If you want to do THIRDS and You P*ay 300.00 bucks NOW
and Get the WHOLE Program to start making munny with - we can do that.

If you want to Pay 138.98 Bucks NOW - and pay the rest later - Get The Entire Step by Step 2 B*illion Dr to Dr NLP S*ales System TODAY - Which I use by phone and Email too.

(EDITORS NOTE - 138 is a feng Shui #)

the Whole
thing RIGHT NOW - we can do that.* You can Earn the Rest and P*AY it*


P.S. - You Will Find THE (Munny LUVS Speed) mp3 *FASCINATING.

Kathy INSISTED they put up their house and borrow Munny at the bank to B*uy a Garage full of water filters (B*illion biz #1)

She created 79 M*illionaires s*elling home water Filters!

Kathy went dr to dr.

Kathy’s Hobby was Bringing 10,000 New Congregation Members
to both Churches she belongs to. *20K total.


(I chatted with her several times while she stood IN THE BACK of the Room.* She did Not REALIZE I recognized what she was doing.* So she SHARED her dr to Dr Strategy Step by Step.* KNOWING it would go Right over my head as it did for 1000's of others.)

EXACTLY what she taught her Top Distributors to say who are making

15K a Mo
30K a mo
100K a mo

(I sat Btwn Israel who makes 50K a day (And P*AID My way to get my help) as a C*ASH only Dentist.* And Israel - who imports Diamonds) in a room with 3000!

I met her top Trainee (Blonde woman from Holland) Making 100 M*illion a year - and worked with her for a year too. *(I can Share what she does too.* But that was After I made this mp3 audio)

138.97 Bucks CLICKABLE Invoice Link -*

CLICK BELOW to Get Started NOW -*

(CLICKABLE LINK went here)

STEP SEVEN - Jeremy said he would Pay 300.00 in December - Then 300.00 in Jan and Feb.

STEP EIGHT - I Forwarded my Email to Jeremy AND His Request to P*ay 300.00 over 3 Months to ***Cary in Florida.***

STEP NINE - Cary Thanked me for Thinking of him. Said he was INTERESTED.

STEP TEN - I Sent Cary a Couple Paragraphs Showing How “Munny LUVS Speed” would Help him Solve 3 of His S*ales Problems.

I - Screening out Bad Prospects
II - Getting Prospects who say “Yes” to Refer - Right Away.
III - And the Fact That Those REFERRALS - Invisibly closed The S*ale.

STEP ELEVEN - Then sent Cary a Short TRIAL CLOSE Email -

Thanks Cary,

Double Checking you got my Answer to your Questions About "MUNNY LUVS SPEED” ok.

Not Really able to Get into More Details until
AFTER you go thru the mp3 AUDIO PROGRAM.

Which is THE REASON I recorded all this Stuff.

It would Take us HOURS on the phone to cover.

STEP TWELVE - Cary Emailed back that he -

Had - Got it.

Was - ready to go.

Thinks he is SOLD.

SO WE TOLD HIM Where to Send The First 300 Bucks for the 913.89
“Munny LUVS Speed” Mp3 Program.


#1 - I have not used Jeremy or Cary’s REAL NAMES. We do this 100% of the time.
#2 - I have not shared their Email Words. Becuz We Have Not Gotten PERMISSION to use Their emails Yet. But This was a Perfect Case Study - So We Outlined it so you could APPLY this idea yourself.
#3 - PLEASE Focus on the Way We Adapted THE CARNEGIE COMPETITION STRATEGY - when we Showed Cary that Jeremy had ALREADY agreed to Purchase.)


P.S. - You Will Find 6 More Hours of CARNEGIE COMPETITION STRATEGY Mp3 Audio Case Studies at:

“What B*illionaires Know That M*illionaires Don’t”

Glenn November 9, 2018 02:17 PM

How Dana Green S*old 50 M*ILLION In Golf Memberships in 60 Days
Thanks Gordon,

This and Future S*ales Stories is WHY Dana is a Big Red Nose Club Member.



How Dana Green Used *Carnegie Competition* to Ethically BlackMail
Local Business Owners into B*uying Several 100 Pages In The
“Welcome To Hawaii’s Eldorado Country Club Who’s Who Book”

Then Adapted The *Key Industry Biz Owner Book” to Ethically
BRIBE Affluent Asian Guests to P*ay a M*illion D*ollars EACH for


I watched Dana Walk into a local San Antonio Dental Office. And Walk Out - 15 Minutes Later - with a 30,000.00 S*ale on Behalf of a Walter Hailey BootCamp
Attendee - friend of mine.

(EDITORS NOTE - Israel - An All Cash Dentist Making 50K a day - had a Dental BackEnd Product System That was Making 32K to 40K a month. But Dana STILL had to Persuade the Dentist to PLOP down 30Grand.)

While Swapping Proven 7 Figure Stories with Dana She Told me how she Rescued a Golf Course in Hawaii.

A - Investors B*uy Land - spend ooodles of cash to built a Triple Hi End Country Club and Golf Course.

B - Invite Affluent Asians to Take a Tour - NOBODY WAS B*UYING.

C - One of the Investors Knew Dana. Called About their 143 M*illion D*ollar S*ales EMERGENCY.

Here is How Dana S*OLD Out Club Memberships in a couple Months time.

FIRST Dana got a List of all the Affluent Business owners In Hawaii. All the islands.

2nd - She Organized the list so she could Contact the Top 2 or 3 MOST Successful in Each Industry Niche.

3rd - Dana created a Color Coffee Table SIZE GIANT Book called,

“Welcome to Hawaii’s Eldorado Country Club/
Golf Course Who’s Who Biz Guide.”

4th - Dana Personally Called The #1 Owner of Each Business Niche. Let’s say, Heating and Cooling - HVAC Supplies.”

DANA - “Hi, This is Dana Again. I just sent you a couple 100 Names of the Affluent Asian Guests We Have Scheduled to Visit the El Dorada Country Club this Month.

“DID You Get The List OK? Has your Boss seen it yet? I’m calling Your Boss - TED -First BEFORE I contact his 2 Biggest Competitors - Sam Walden and Gary Golden.

5th - “Hi Ted. We are Organizing Trade Shows - Gala Events for Each Group of affluent Visitors from Singapore, Hong Kong and China. I Am told you are the President of the Local HVAC Association.

“I am Calling To give you FIRST SHOT at the Front Page of the HVAC Section of our “WECOME BOOK” Which includes a front Row Booth At Each Trade Show. And F-r-e-e Tickets to Parties and Charity Events Attended by groups of Multi-Millionaire Asian Visitors. YOU HAVE THE GUEST LIST in YOUR HANDS.

6th - “Do You Want The EXCLUSIVE Top Dog Spot? Or do I call and offer it to Sam or Gary - Your 2 Biggest Competitors.

7th - Ted says, “YES, how much?

8th - Dana says, “25,000.00

9th - Ted says, “This Is BlackMail. Where do I send The Check?”

100 Front pages is 2.5 M*illion


AFTER The FIRST PARTY & Trade Show - Dana had set up 93 Joint Venture Deals btwn Local Hawaiian Business owners and Affluent Asians.

She Used These 2 Pages
of 93 Joint Venture Deals
as a BOOK MARK - for each of
The FULL COLOR “Welcome Books” - DANA Personally - Gave Out - to Wealthy Asian PARTY Guests.

I - YES - The Cost of Joining a Hawaii Based Country Club was Cheaper than Japan.

II - YES - They could write it off as a Business Expense. Plus Bring their Families. Because The Country club included All sorts of Hotel/Resort/Vacation Activities and shopping.

III - But What SEALED The Deal was the List of OTHER Asians. Many Competitors who were already making BIG MUNNY with Joint Venture Deals WITH Local Hawaiian Business Owners.

Now there was a Multi-M*illion D*ollar REASON WHY to P*ay a M*illion D*ollars to Join the Eldorado Country Club, Golf Course and Resort.


Dana Quickly sold out the First 50 M*illion MEMBERSHIPS.

Then The Investors Had to Hustle
To Get Everything Ready for the Next 50 Memberships.

Because NEW MEMBERS Started
bringing Company Presidents and Family members BOTH.

AND NOBODY thought Dana would be able to SELL 50 M*Illion D*ollars in Memberships in just a few weeks.


Glenn November 9, 2018 03:06 PM

Does YOUR Auto Mechanic Work for 10.00 an Hour?
Thanks Dien,


How We Used 3 Different B*illion D*ollar Strategies
to Get 3 Auto Repair Jobs Done for 10 Bucks Each
INSTEAD of HUNDREDS at the Toyota Dealership.


The 3 Different B*illion D*ollar Strategies List -

***#1 - NEER - Naturally Existing Economic Relationship - SELLING

Do Biz Repeatedly with Local Biz Owners. They are Your Suppliers.

***#2 - MASTERMIND of 2 - Deepen TRUST by Telling Stories

***#3 - CARNEGIE COMPETITION - (We Shared How Other Local Folks Had Used the Thank You REWARD We Gave Him.)


The 3 Auto Repair Jobs We Got Done for 10 Bucks Each.

A - I had a slow Leak in the left Rear Tire of my Toyota automobile. Every 3 months I’d add air. But come winter It went Flat FASTER.

B - Toyota Tacoma Truck - Flat as a pancake OVERNIGHT. 171 Strokes to Pump that Sucker up so I could Drive it to the Auto Shop.


JOB ONE - Take the Flat tire off the Truck and Put on The SPARE. OMGAWD - some idiot CAR DESIGNER/ENGINEER has my truck spare Up under the rear bumper - Held there by a thin Cable. (You have to CRANK Up and Down!)

Took the Mechanic and me an HOUR to Find the Jack and the tools to Un-wind the Cable and Get The Spare off the truck. Then Replace the Right Rear Flat Tire with the New Spare Tire.

“ME - “How much do I owe you?

Charlie - 10 bucks.

JOB TWO - After I got the Exact Model # off of both Car and Truck Tires. Amazon delivered both tires for F-r-e-e. I took the new Car Tire over to Charlie.
He swapped the wheel from the SLOW LEAKING tire to The New Tire.

ME - What do I owe You?

Charlie - 10 Dollars.

JOB THREE - I took the New TRUCK TIRE over to Charlie - the Mechanic. He swapped the Wheel from the FLAT TIRE to the New Tire. Took off the Right Rear Tire - Replaced it with A New Tire. (So I have 2 New Rear Tires) And then put the Old tire Back Up under the Truck hanging from the Crazy CABLE.

ME - How Much Do I owe You?

Charlie - Ten Bucks.


What We Did Which Just MIGHT Have helped to SAVE HUNDREDS of D*ollars in Labor Costs at The Auto Shop.


I Tapped on Charlie’s Office window at 9 am.

Charlie looked up from his Desk.

Then we Shot a HUGE CLOUD of Colorful Confetti ALL over his front Window. Wooden Bench. And Walkway.

Then Went in and Handed Him CONFETTI CANNON #2.

CHARLIE Asked - “What do I do with THIS?”

a - I Explained how I Send a Case Of Confetti Cannon to Business owners
before I call them on the phone.

b - I told Charlie, “I thought you might ENJOY Playing with a Confetti Cannon Yourself.

c - Told him About Shooting CONFETTI at the Garbage Truck guys.

d - The Lady who delivers my Mail. All over her windshield.

e - My Bank Manager. Shot confetti all over her office window. She took her Confetti Cannon Home. Gave it to HUBBY. Who shot Confetti all over her Living room. THEN she had to Clean it up.


f - Then I told Charlie the Confetti was Bio-Degradable. So the Confetti all over the front of his shop would go away.

In Charlie’s Office ASKED, “Where’s The PARTY?


***NEER - Charlie is a Local Supplier. I had visited with a neighbor to get his Car Inspected. Also a 2nd time to get some Wheel Bearings Replaced. (The neighbor - not me.)

NEER is about Asking for Referrals from PEOPLE YOU P*AY munny to - In a Way that MAKES THEM MORE Munny. Instead of Asking People who P*AY You to Refer Prospects.

***MASTERMIND Rapport with 2 Minds - I told Charlie a Story about driving a furniture truck. How I missed The LIFT GATE.

Charlie Told how when he got married he had ZERO munny. Bought a 2nd Hand Refrigerator. But couldn’t get it up the Stairs. A Little 150 lb friend said, “I’ll do it.”

Wrapped Rope around Both Arms. Flipped the Rope over the Fridge. Carried the 200 lb Fridge up the Stairs on his BACK.

***CARNEGIE COMPETITION - We Told Charlie about all the Locals We Had Given CONFETTI CANNON to. And said, “Let me know what you DO with Your Confetti Cannon.”


P.S. - 12 Chapters of NEER - Step by Step Details…

Glenn November 10, 2018 03:51 PM

CH#11 - 12 Ways to Measure/Improve Your TRUST-Based-S*ales Skills
Thanks Gordon,

We all know TRUST is the Key to getting OTHERS to give us Munny.

But nobody seems to have a way to MEASURE Trust.


Better Yet.

A Method to Measure And then IMPROVE Your Trust Creation Skills.


We Created one.

It's a Bit UNUSUAL.

But it's fun, Invisible - (mostlY) and darn if it hasn't helped lots of our
F-r-e-e Ezine readers and Clients Get Better and Better at Rapport/Trust Building.




***12 Ways to Measure/Improve Your TRUST-Based-S*ales Skills

How Do You MEASURE Whether or Not The
Rapport Btwn You & A Prospect is

Answer - “You Test!”


“How Do You INCREASE Your S*ales”
By Creating Greater TRUST?

Answer - You FLIRT TEST.

(EDITORS NOTE - Dunno about you. But I have NEVER - EVER Found Anything or anyone who has a Proven Way to MEASURE the Amount of TRUST You Create in a S*ales Situation - so You Can IMPROVE. So We Created Our Own Method. P.S. - If You Find Any Exercises BESIDES Our Flirt Test/Trust Measurement System (BELOW) - Email me Quick at [email protected] )


Thanks to Chapters 1 thru 10 - you Should KNOW that the way Our BIG RED NOSE CLUB Members Test Rapport Levels SAFELY -
without Risking That You LOSE a S*Ale -

is with…


QUESTION - Would You Rather Insert “NEER” into a S*ales Pitch (Before you have Practiced?) and RISK Losing Munny or Would You Rather Flirt Tip a BarMaid - using NEER - with nobody the wiser but YOU?

(EDITORS NOTE - Remember the PROCESS to Give Away (or S*ELL Munny) is exactly the same as if you were Selling a Product or Service.)

Our Mastermind VIP INNER CIRCLE Members
Seem to think the Following 3 FLIRT Tipping Tactics are The Easiest…

***INSTANT LOTTO ticket Tipping

***1.00 Bill Tipping

***Hold Up a 1.00 Bill AND a 1.00 LOTTO Ticket - Let the Waitress Choose How You Tip.


The Following List of Low C*ost FLIRT TIPPING ITEMS


Because each one requires MORE PIZZAZZ.

Better Rapport.

MORE TRUST btwn You And the Cashier
before He or She Will ACCEPT a WEIRD Tip from you.

THUS allowing You To Safely Test
Your Rapport and Trust Building SKILLS
Risk - Free - without Messing Up a REAL S*Ales Situation.


Here are 12 BIG RED NOSE Worthy ITEMS - We Have Successfully Tested
and Use over and over again.

Name - ?


***Take Action And then TELL Us what happens!

Because Based on Our OWN First Experiments - ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. This is The REASON WHY for the BigBrassOnes Domain Title.

#1 - Paper Roses -
Red, yellow, purple roses you make Right in Front of Her.

#2 - LED Glasses - Less than 1.00 a pair

#3 - LED IceCubes - (Food Grade - Drop them in a drink)

#4 - Confetti Cannon - Shoots Confetti 30 feet in the air (Bio-degradable)

#5 - LED Key Chain Mini Lite - 84

#6 - Flying Cow -

#7 - Cow PotHolder -

#8 - Donald Trump 1.00 Bill -

#9 - Melania Trump - M*illion D*ollar Bill -

#10 - Dog and Cat Instant Scratch OFF Lotto Ticket…

Ask your Gas Station or Grocery Store
for the LOTTO tickets with Fido or Whiskers on the front. (They get a Bigger Reaction than “normal” tickets.)

#11 - Chocolate Kisses - (Dark Chocolate is Best)

Your Local Grocery Store

#12 - Little Yellow Duckies (These have Pizzazz and Personality.)


P.S. - Dozens of Thank You REWARD Tipping Case Studies - Including Details on what to say and do to get All kinds of Amazing Results and Benefits.

Glenn November 11, 2018 04:28 PM

CH#12 - How a "Sucky" RaceTrack Betting Window Became #1
Thanks Dien,

I had a part time job once at the Pimlico race track
in Baltimore, Maryland.

The So-broke-they-had-holes-in-their-clothes BUMS that hang around the track
kept coming up to me with SURE THING WINNERS.

Yeah right.


P.S. - They built a CASINO there. So they can SOAK More Folks for their munny
even faster.


“Sucky” RaceTrack Betting Window Job Turned BEST SELLER”


Belinda gets into the DARNDEST messes and sometimes Calls me. Which I ENJOY because she is Never Boring.


She bought 2 RaceHorses.


They were Constantly Bickering and fighting.


Naturally Belinda Hired A HORSE PSYCHIC to tell her what they were fighting about so she could “Fix” it.

THEN her blacksmith or Farrier QUIT.

Turns out she was paying the HORSE PSYCHIC more than him!


Now Belinda Has 2 Racehorse Brothers FIGHTING
Both the Horse Psychic and the Farrier HATE EACH OTHER too.


She has a REAL GIFT for Mischief.

But Belinda also has a S*Ales Gift.

In Fact she is a S*ALES GENIUS.

Which is where our MASTERMIND of 2 Brains Comes in Handy.

Belinda got this goofy
RaceTrack Betting Window
Gig on a Whim.

But Found out she gets P*aid by the # of betters who bet on horses AT HER BETTING Window.

And her Betting window is the FURTHEST of all others from the FOOD!

So she has ZERO Betters in her line.

Belinda called me.

Her Question: “How can I sell Betting Slips if nobody comes to my Betting Window?”

bunch of Questions.

ME - “Can you go over to the people in other betting lines and bring them back to YOUR WINDOW?”

BELINDA - “No. I tried that. The other Betting Window ladies Complained to the manager and he threatened to fire me.”

ME - “AHA! So We Will have to Go INVISIBLE.”

BELINDA - “What the hell does That mean? I can’t turn myself Invisible.”

ME - “Yes You Can.”

And We Explained about our Research with Ideas from “”The Little Man Who Owns His Own Island.” Who has taught himself to Communicate INVISIBLY with others Unconscious Minds - using BODY Signals.

ME - We Told Belinda - “The Unconscious controls your heart beat. Your Breathing. So if You TALK to The UNCONSCIOUS Minds of Folks in OTHER Lines waiting to bet…. You can Get them to come over to YOUR Betting Window.”

BELINDA - “Ok. I am Desperate. I’ll try it. What do I do?”

STEP I - “Find men and Women Wearing Something THEY ARE PROUD of. Something that STANDS OUT.

“Women - Hats, Big Jewelry - earrings, necklaces, wrist bangles, Colorful Tops, Fancy boots.

“Men - Fancy hat, Giant Belt Buckles, Big Ugly Watchhes, Fancy boots.

STEP II - “Wave at them then Point. Depending on how far away they are you may have to WAVE both hands over your head.

STEP III - “Then POINT at one person. And then Point at Yourself - Where their HAT might be. Or the HUGE Earrings. Or take an Extra Pair of boots with you. HOLD up and POINT at your boot and then Point Back to THEIR boots.

STEP IV - “Then motion them over to YOUR Booth. And Say, “I have a LUCKY FEELING. The color of YOUR Boots, Hat, Jewelry (PICK ONE) - Matches the Colors of a Horse in the NEXT Race.

STEP V - You say, “I’ll show you WHICH Colors match IF You get your Betting Tickets at my window.

Heh heh heh

I worked Briefly at a RaceTrack. These people are NUTTY as a fruitcake about their LUCK.

FINAL STEP - I told Belinda - “do this INVISIBLE BODY SIGNAL STUFF until someone WINS BIG at your Window..

“Then go to the Print Shop and Make 1000 copies of the Winning Ticket
and the Betting Window where it was Purchased.

“Staple that 1/4 page to every Ticket you sell from then on.

“NOBODY ELSE is doing that.

“Your Window will Get a REPUTATION as “The Lucky Window.”

to pass.

The Empty betting window suddenly had the LONGEST Lines at the race track and None of the other Betting Window ladies could complain - because Belinda Used INVISIBLE COMMUNICATION.



Buy One and Get the 2nd Program for F-re-e.

Part I -

Part II -

Glenn November 14, 2018 12:22 PM

CH #13 - *If I Am Any More Successful I'm Going to Die*
Thanks Gordon,

Bouncing Proven Ideas off of Small Business Owners is so Magical
I do a LOT of it. Golden Rule of Reciprocity.


"If I'm Any More Successful I'm Going to Die"

A Giant Corporate CASE STUDY that Shows STEP BY STEP DETAILS of
Can Quickly Double or Triple S*ales...

Gwen Stood up at a 20,000.00 Seminar we attended. Explained that she worked
in the Sales Department of a Giant Software Company.

She is the ONLY ONE writing Snail Mail offers
to folks who B*uy their software.

Every time she mails out 5000 Letters
4000 Desperate B*uyers Call Her Phone # and
Order the Company's HOW-TO-VIDEOS from her.

And she is BURNT OUT. Her phone rings non-stop
eight hours a day.

We Followed her out to the Buffet Table during a Break.


A - Gwen Might (Secretly without telling her XYZ Company) Hire
an Order Taking Service. Gwen Makes the S*ale - then Flips the B*uyer over to get the paperwork and forms filled out.

B - Gwen Might Let the B*uyers do all her work. Take each Call.
Get The Prospects Email address. Email them a List of The Educational Products. Call them back and Walk them thru the page.
And let THEM Print out - Fill Out the Invoice. Then Fax it back to her desk.

C - Gwen Might Set Her Phone Up so it Can Do CONFERENCE CALLING. And since
her phone rings non-stop - 8 hours a day - with Hungry Buyers.
Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring - Add 5 or 10 at a time to a Conference Call. And send them to her website and walk them ALL thru the ordering Form and Product list.


We Followed up. Gwen Took Action with Letter A - And sounded more Rested when she said she had SLOWLY
so as not to Trigger Attention from her boss - Grown her s*ales to double. Then Triple.

#2 - When her boss Asked her, "How are You Selling more than anyone else?"
Gwen said, "I am Cold Calling Customers from the Software Order List.

Her Manager And Her Co-workers Reply?

"Oh, I hate Cold Calling. I Don't Want to do that."

#3 - Gwen says what she is doing with DIRECT MAIL is against the rules. They
are Not Allowed to "Bother" their B*uyers.

So she B*uys lunch for the guy who runs the
Mailing/Shipping Dept. And he Slips her letters into his OUT PILE
to be Mailed at Company Expense.


P.S. - A REAL QUESTION - I have Read EVERYTHING I can Get my hands on
about how to Start, run and make munny with a MASTERMIND Group.

Everything seems to be Boring Pablum. Meaning: Not enough Details to TAKE ACTION. Nobody Shares Any Detailed Case Studies about how to Use The 3 Kinds of Mastermind Systems. We Use All 3 Kinds.

MY QUESTION - Would Anyone WANT to B*U*Y a book called,

"3 Ways to Use Napoleon Hill's MASTERMIND SYSTEM
To Make More Munny w/Less Time & Effort"

GordonJ November 14, 2018 01:52 PM

Re: CH #13 - *If I Am Any More Successful I'm Going to Die*
Sure, I'd buy it.


Glenn November 15, 2018 12:44 PM

PREFACE - ATTN - Small Business Entrepreneurs Who Want To Make More Munny
Thanks Dien,


***ATTENTION - Small Business Entrepreneurs Who Want To Make More Munny***

Dear Friend,

Thank You For Asking Yourself This Question:


“How Rich Am I Right Now?”

“RICH” Means…

***How Many Days, Weeks, Months or Years (at Your current Spend-Rate) Can You Go Without Working?”***

IF Your Answer isn’t, “I Don’t Need to Work for YEARS.”


Quick, Dependable Extra C*ash Systems.

You Might Wanna READ ABOUT HOW 426 M*illion Mentor Walter Hailey’s B*illion D*ollar NEER Self Referral Sales System - Can Help You MAKE EXTRA Munny Quickly.

***One-of-a-Kind CONTENT - Walter Told me - Personally - that he never Wrote This Down, Audiotaped or videotaped it. Never Shared it for Publication EVER. Cuz he didn’t want his Competitors to use it. (None of the bootcamps I attended were Videotaped.)

When Others Do Not?

***SCARCE AS HENS TEETH - (As We Say Out Here in The Country) Cuz We S*old 17 - seminar seats at 10K each and GAVE Walter All the Munny. AND Paid Walter 44K to Attend Several Week-long Bootcamps in his Hunt, TX Mansion.

SO Walter Let us come Early - Stay Late - And WATCH him use NLP Plus NEER
to Fill An Entire Seminar with Referrals from ONE MAN.

We CHALLENGE You to Find All of The
Steps In A S*ale All in One Place - Based on Walters 1 B*illion In S*Ales Testing.

(EDITORS NOTE - You Won’t Find another Fast, No Risk, Golden Rule Strategy to Test Each Idea - Without Losing A Client or a Sale - Anywhere Else Either.)

PLUS We Use All this Stuff - On Behalf of our clients - constantly. So You Will See and Hear the CHA - CHING of Munny being Made - in Many Different Industries.


You Know The BEST BOOKS on S*elling Say Your Goal is to “Turn A Stranger Into a Friend who Hands You Munny By Creating Trust and Rapport.”

But They Never Share a Step By Step Guide on How to DO that.

(SEE BELOW for a 6 hr Case Study Filled Guide - )


You Have Been Told that REFERRALS are the Foundation of Any Business.
Especially Your Small Business. We Agree.

You Can Now REFER Prospects to Yourself. Use the Same NEER (Naturally Existing Economic Relationship) Referral Sales System Walter used to start, Sell like crazy and Take Public and then S*Ell 4 Companies in 4 different Industries.

(SEE BELOW for a 12 Chapter - 12 Different Industry STEP BY STEP
NEER Book - How to Guide.)

(EDITORS NOTE - NEER is the ONLY Referral System We’ve Found that Systematically allows you to P*AY for each Referral
without it C*osting You an extra Dime.)

INVISIBLE S*ELLING Step #3 - How Do You Ask Friendly/Conversational Questions that Get a Prospects ***B*uying Hot Buttons*** without Scaring them away?

(Check Below For My Case Study Packed mp3 Program - Which Walks you thru what to do and say to Get Hot Buttons.)

INVISIBLE S*ELLING Step #4 - How Do You ASK FOR THE MUNNY - Without Getting a “NO” that Stops Any Chance You Get PAID - Forever?

(EDITORS NOTE - Walter had a 3-Step TRIAL CLOSE System. The ASK FOR MOOLAH Question is So Invisible - he had to Repeat it 7 Times - before we “Heard” it. SEE BELOW for The B*illion D*ollar Trial Close System.)

INVISIBLE S*ELLING Step #5 - How Do You Put INVISIBLE PRESSURE on and Ethically Blackmail a Prospect to B*UY IT NOW? Knowing that 95% won’t ever Purchase if They Don’t ACT Right Away?

(SEE Below for “Andrew Carnegie Competition” Case Studies. Which have a Link to a 6 hr mp3 Program full of CASE STUDY ways todays B*illionaires use the idea.)

INVISIBLE S*ELLING Step #6 - How To Recognize and Send Munny Making Body Signals to Get to The Munny.

426 M*illion Mentor Walter Hailey was a GENIUS at using Body Language. We ain’t Walter. So we Used our World-Wide Mastermind Network and Tested for Years to Fill a 6 Hour mp3 Course full of Examples.

(SEE BELOW for our Body Signal Programs.)

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QUESTION #1 - “What has to Be TRUE to Make You Happy?

Q #2 - “What do You have to FOCUS and CONCENTRATE on Most?

Q #3 - “What do You ENJOY MOST About ________. (Shopping, Vacations, Your Kids. Working as a Bartender?)

#4 - “What is Most IMPORTANT to You About that? (What they said they Enjoy.)

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a - You get to Order 1-7 at 10% of the List Price. (And You Join Our VIP-Inner Circle Group)

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Glenn November 15, 2018 02:52 PM

How 89,000.00 Stuffed in a Strippers G-String-Got Me 2 Clients.
Thanks Gordon,

You Never Really KNOW what people will do when they
Suddenly Get BIG BUCKS.

This guy Sure SURPRISED me.



CHAPTER #14 - How 89K of MY MUNNY-Stuffed in a Strippers G-String- Got Me 2 Clients.

Dear Friend,

Jimmy from Georgia got Referred to me.

Told me how his Uncle had FIRED him from his own Business. Charging 500 bucks to Fix Credit Card Debt.

I KNEW about this already.

There are ways to Legally Force the 3 Credit Card Companies to EXPUNGE or Clear off each bad Debt item in Your Credit Report.

(EVERYTHING you read says Different) But if you KNOW what to say in your Registered/Certified Delivery letter You CAN do it. BY LAW - The Credit companies have to REPLY to your Request within a certain time. SO WHEN U ASK Questions about your Credit Report that take LONGER than 30 days to Get the Information back to you. You Force the 3 Companies to DELETE that item from your Report.)

Jimmy was Amazing.

He had the Answers to ALL my Difficult Questions on the tip of his tongue.

So We Wrote a 3 Page Report:

“Credit Card NIGHTMARES & How I’ve Solved Them”


“Instead of going to Gas Stations. Go somewhere with more Affluent Prospects.
Like a Mall or a Charity Event or NightClub.”

Wear a Badge that Says,
“Credit Card

“When someones comes up to ASK you about your Badge. HAND them My Report. Then Charge them 500 Bucks to Fix Their Bad Credit.

JIMMY Went all out.
Got a BRIGHT YELLOW 8 by 10 Sign Laminated.

Hung it around his neck.

Walked around a Fancy Mall all day Saturday and Sunday.

Jimmy Called back to report he had Made 5000 Bucks in 2 days!

(I actually Over-Heard one such s*ale to a Cashier at the Mall. In the 3 Page REPORT I’d written down 5 STORIES about the 5 Most Common Causes of BAD CREDIT that Jimmy had fixed. And the lady said, “Oh, this one is me. How Much to Fix my Credit?”)


Jimmy kept calling to Ask, “What do I do Next? — until he employed dozens of Stay-at-Home-Mom’s to Handwrite Letters to The Credit Companies.”

When I asked WHY he did that.

Jimmy said his income was up to 89,000.00 a month and the CREDIT CARD company were trying to FIND him. Shut him down.

THEN I SAID, “Ok, Please send me some of that 89K a month. You can Afford to P*AY ME Now.”

Jimmy for a while.


(EDITORS NOTE - You Can Find This Entire Essay - online - Just Google - “ralph waldo emerson essay on compensation”.

Emerson is One of Our Foremost AMERICAN Philosophers. Ralph Waldo Emerson said in his ESSAY ON COMPENSATION…

This is My Translation - “When You Are Hired By an UNGRATEFUL EMPLOYER - Work Harder even though you don’t get Paid. Because you are Earning Compound Interest from The Universe. Not only can’t Your Boss STEAL what you have learned. But the Universe will Pay You Back MANY TIMES - some way - some how.)

WOW - HOWDY did this Work!

Makes a FUNNY Story too.

FIRST - I get a Call from, Alice, a College Coed Jimmy Hired to do some of some of his Credit Card Work.

Jimmy was “Hitting” on her. She wanted my help setting up her own “Credit Repair Business.”

ALICE wanted to Hire Me to Help Her S*ell 500.00 Credit Repair to her Co-workers at her part time job at SPRINT - without them knowing SHE WAS Getting their munny.


Has BRASS OVARIES and Takes Action in Ways We Would Have NEVER Thunk up. So Stay Tuned for MORE Stories About Alice.

SECOND - I get a Phone Call from TALIA-The-Stripper Whose G-String DRUNK JIMMY was Stuffing my 89,000 Bucks into.

Talia calls herself a “Dancing Psychologist”. She only Lap Dances for Rich Married Men whose Wives Won’t LISTEN to their Problems.

But She Made an EXCEPTION for Jimmy.

Talia Explained that THE REASON Jimmy’s Uncle threw him out of his company was JIMMY Had Fallen in LUV with Talia. Was a GENEROUS DRUNK who Put all his Munny into her G-String.

And Now That Jimmy was “RICH and DRUNK AGAIN” he was Bragging about his Mentor - who had helped him make 89K a Month Cash.

NEEDLESS to Say - I was a Bit STARTLED.

But Talia Explained that After Her Parents were killed in a Car Crash - She bought a fake ID. And Started Dancing as a way to Keep her 3 Brothers and Sisters together.

The Girl Has Guts.

THIRD - Talia Wanted to HIRE ME to Help her and a Gal Pal Make BIG MUNNY at her Girl Friends WEDDING!



We Made a Lot of Munny Together. But THAT is yet another Story - You will hear about later.



Jimmy has Several BAD HABITS.

Drinking is one.

Parking illegally and Tossing the Tickets is a 2nd BAD Habit.

Jimmy had been Getting dozens of Parking tickets. Tossing them on the floor of his car.

He was Arrested.

Thrown into a BRAND - SPANKING New Prison that Gets Paid federal Funds for each prisoner they keep behind bars.

Jimmy got his ONE PHONE Call. Called his “Business Partner”. Who REFUSED to P*AY his Bail.

And Jimmy RESTED behind Bars for a Couple Months - with no way to Call OUTSIDE - because he Represented Extra C*ash to the State.

(EDITORS NOTE - I know this cuz Jimmy Called me when he FINALLY got Out of Jail. Wanted help with a NEW BUSINESS. Cuz his Credit Repair Biz Fell Apart while he was INCARCERATED.)

I Said, “No Thank You” and Hung up.

Never told Jimmy about the 2 New Clients he Referred Me.


Glenn November 18, 2018 02:40 PM

CH #14 - How Paul Used GRIEF to Break Insurance Sales Records
Thanks Dien,

I have Decided to STOP reading all the AARP Magazines and Newspapers
the Insurance Companies who OWN AARP are sending me.



Because they are writing to those of us over age 60 LIKE we Are Brainless
Children. INSULTING.

But before I stopped Reading AARP.

I discovered this headline -

"In 2018 50% of all Cell Phone Calls Are S*ALES CALLS."

Which makes me feel EVEN BETTER
About my Decision to NOT TURN the other Cheek.

But instead.

Practice BIG RED NOSE CLUB Level SALESMANSHIP on these RUDE Folks.



How I Chased 2 “Church People”
Away from My Door Who Wanted
to Talk About Dealing with GRIEF.


Most Telemarketers are Rude.

They COLD CALL you on the phone and START their Pitch.

“Church Types” too.

All of them Cold-Call at your Door - and Launch into their Canned Pitch.

They Waste your time.
They Interrupt you.
They Keep you outside talking in the Cold.



So You Have MY PERMISSION to Use The Following TRUE STORIES
to Chase these RUDE FOLKS away from Your Door Too.


Let’s Begin.

I see 2 Guys get out of a car - SMACK Dab in my Driveway. Walk up to my Door carrying a Bible and a Pamphlet.

I think, “AHA! Here we go again.”

LITERALLY DOZENS and DOZENS of such Visits By These Folks And I KNOW They Have ZERO Sense of Humor.

PLUS they all follow a SCRIPT. My goal is to Distract them from giving me their Scripted Presentation. Which is SO BAD it’s Painful to Hear.
Our Conversation Goes Like this:

ME - “Hi There. Before You Get Started I’d like to Give Each one of you a LOTTO Ticket.”

JOE - “Oh, we don’t gamble.”

ME - “Oh, I don’t either. This is a Sure Thing. I give these to Waitresses and Cooks in order to GET MORE FOOD.

JOE Blinks and Shakes it off - “Hello my Name is Joe and this is Joe Jr.

ME - “Wow. You guys are doing the same thing as that Boxing guy. Oh yeah. George Foreman. He named his 3 Sons GEORGE too. So when you yell, “Hey George.” FOUR People Answer. I think he got hit in the head too many times.

JOE Forges Ahead - “I’m here to talk to you About GRIEF. How Do YOU Deal With GRIEF, Sir?

ME - “Well, we all deal with Grief differently. I have a Retired CIA, Black Opps Customer who deals with his Wife's Death by Helping Local Churches. He helps local Ministers, Priests and Rabbi’s deal with CHILD ABUSE in their church Congregation.

“When all Else Fails and kids show up in Church all beat up - The Priest calls up my friend. He uses his Black Opps Skills to Sneak into their house. Tie them to the bed. Hang them from a door. And Explain if they keep beating their kid - when he comes Back they will NOT Survive his visit!

JOE is Persistent - “Very interesting Sir. Well, in this Pamphlet about Grief you can See a Verse from the Bible….

ME - “I’m A Marketing Consultant. I’ve got another friend who deals with GRIEF in a Different way. He lives in Oklahoma. He goes thru all the newspapers to find people who DIED Young. In their 30’s or 40’s.

“Writes down all the Surviving Pall Bearers and family in the Newspaper Death Notice. THEN CALLS THEM UP to say while they are in SHOCK from Grief, “You never know when it’s Time for YOU to Go - even at a young Age. You Gotta Plan ahead. I’ve got this Death Insurance…”

“Ted set a Insurance SALES RECORD for the entire Company!

JOE Seems a bit Rattled. Shuffles his feet a bit - “Ok, Sir. Let me Read You This Bible Verse.” And he does.

ME Talking to Joe Jr - “Some people deal with Grief by going to a Party.”

JOE Interrupts. “That’s true. Now after a Funeral instead of a Wake many Church people now get together for a CELEBRATION of the loved ones life.

ME - “Thanks for Reminding me about the Party aspect of Grief. Joe Jr - You Should LOOK this up when you get home. Gene Simmons of the Rock Group Kiss Has a KISS COFFIN Store in Texas.

“Each KISS Coffin has a Beer Tap. So the coffin fits right into the party. Oh and the Coffin has a Built in Music and Entertainment System. Hit a button And You Have Music at your Death Celebration.

JOE SENIOR is Agog - “Really? What do people Do with a coffin they buy Before they die?

ME - “Oh, they use the Coffins as a Coffee Table in their homes.”

ME - “Joe Jr - You Should Look it up. Gene is a Genius at making Munny. His Coffins sell for 25 THOUSAND Dollars and up.

ME - “What you are doing is Great Dr to Dr Sales Experience - Joe Jr. I have some MORE Stories about Dr to Dr S*ales.

JOE SENIOR is Now Backing Away - Back out my side walk. Out towards the driveway. Edging towards his car. “Thanks for your Time Sir. We Gotta get going.”

Heh Heh Heh



Oh. Did I mention that I Shook hands. Got Their Names. Got RAPPORT FIRST before I started Swapping "RUDE Stories"?

Within Rapport you can Do and Say almost Anything.



JOE - Was RUDE to ME by Forcing me to Listen to HIS Church Version of Religion.

ME - IN TURN - I Was RUDE to Joe - by Pretending to offer them LOTTO tickets as a Thank you for their Unwanted Visit.

JOE - Then FORCED me to look at his CHURCH Flyer.

ME - I Compared their SAME NAMES to GEORGE FOREMAN and his sons.
George - George - George and George.

JOE - Joe Forced me to Listen to him Talk About the article about GRIEF in his flyer.

ME - I told Joe that I’d seen dozens of these same Church Flyers and they Were BORING. Suggested the Church Find Better Flyers.

ME - I was very Impressed. Joe is a Rock. He kept going despite my BLATANT
ATTEMPTS to TELL HIM - with Goofy Grief Stories - that I DON’T WANT YOU HERE.

ME - However. I finally found Joe’s WEAK Spot. When I started Talking to His Brother - Joe Jr. Trying to Show him how he could make munny with the Dr to Dr Skills he was learning from Door knocking for his Church.

THAT got Joe Senior - to Leave - Finally.

P.P.S. - NEXT Visit by these Church BOZO’s - I’m going to Use 426 M*illion Mentor - Walter Hailey’s INVISIBLE PERSUASION S*ales Script to SELL them something.


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