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Default Maybe ACRES OF DIAMONDS type thing.

Originally Posted by unpinkpanther View Post
Do we find what we're looking for?


Does what we are looking for find us?

Technically, ANYONE with an Internet connection can find this forum and gain helpful insights into Brody and his work.

But how many will find this forum?

Good question, thanks. I'm not keen on the latter. But also, my experience is that most don't KNOW what they are looking for. They have an idea (like to get rich, or have lots of money, or want things)...but they don't really go looking for it. Many sort of stumble their way through it all.

Maybe they go to college, follow the directions, in four years get a degree, then try to find work. Or learn a skil, or trade and just work.

Smaller % are Entrepreneurial, or want to DO things, or build something.

But as often as not, many people who are looking for something, are also OVERLOOKING what is right in front of them, as the great book by Russell Conwell, ACRES OF DIAMONDS, points out.

Any given day there are forks in the road, and no SCARECROW to show us the way. But if one is determined to get to the Emerald City, they FIND their own yellow brick road or build it as they continue on.

Even with all those people that Harvey Brody has mentored, helped and taught, he remains relatively unknown, but then he doesn't self promote either. I guess, in his case, if you are lucky enough to find him (or if he finds you), then the greater challenge appears: APPLICATION.

It is a good question, maybe others have thoughts on it?

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