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Default US Election and Masks - Opportunities Abound...

(My thanks to Gordon for agreeing to post this and make it a sticky)

Hello all, hope this finds you all safe and well during these increasingly strange times.

Basically, I thought I would do a quick post as I have two highly current monetizable domains that you guys might well be interested in.

I am involved with my main bread and butter site amongst other projects so I don't have time to develop them out myself but they are ready to go for someone else and if you want to purchase, flip, sell on to a 3rd party and we can JV and split 50/50, open to all options essentially.

The first domain is Briefly, this aged domain was registered back in 2003 and I have recently purchased it. As I very much do not need to tell anyone here or anywhere at this point, we are on the cusp of the most contentious US election in history this November.

Monthly searches for this term are currently in excess of 8,000 with a CPC for advertisers of $11.55. Several ideas can be used for this domain.

A buyer could build out a website to offer live voting news and results and monetize with Adsense, Amazon Associates, CPA offers, or even sell advertising space.

Just like the recent COVID-19 pandemic, websites that are set up to provide information, updates on the virus, travel information are making a killing with timely monetization.

As a bonus to any buyer, my business partner and I now run and will offer an exclusive post-purchase consultation on how to best monetize this premium domain to maximize the value.

On the other hand, if you are simply looking to reflip the domain, sold for $1,595.00

Godaddy appraised this domain at $1156 .com.

The second current event based domain I have is

Essentially maskne is the new popular term being used in the media for facial mask acne. Its explained here:

Since everyone is likely to be wearing masks for some time to come and also everyone is interested in not having maskne as a result, this is a great sub niche to be in. I will provide keywords, affiliate products to sell, the whole nine yards on this one to a buyer. I think personally this would be a great offer, reflip to an Instagram influencer in the makeup, skin care niche, of which there are a billion.

As I say, I simply do not have the spare time to traffic these out but someone else probably does. I'm reaching out to SOW pub as I know they are people here who are interested in timely monetization opportunities.

So as I say, if anyone wants to purchase, flip, sell on to a 3rd party and we can JV and split 50/50, let me know.

I will also happily take any questions you have.

Cheers guys.

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