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Default CH#2-How To Get Affluent HomeOwners To Come Over to You

Thanks Gordon,


Big RED Nose NLP Testing Club Ezine #3747

Dear Friend,

Thanks to the Lazy-Minded-Majority Way of thinking -- 99% of S*ales people
think the ONLY way to get a Prospective B*uyer to PURCHASE is to CHASE THEM.

What does this BAD HABIT Mean for YOU?

The REST of us Have ZERO Competition when we ATTRACT PEOPLE to us
Instead of CHASE them like all others.

And every Prospect is HAPPY because They Think Coming over to you to Talk and B*UY was THEIR IDEA.

Perfect Example:

New Member of our Real Estate Mastermind Group sent me a Brilliant LOTTO Ticket Tipping Story.

I wrote him this Note Explaining
How my LOTTO TICKET Flirt Tip Tests
Can ATTRACT affluent Home owners over to him. (So He doesn't have to START a COLD Conversation. Just have Fun Answering Questions - while he gets RAPPORT..)

Cecil is a RABID Football Fan.

HECK of a Fantastic Niche to sell into.

Where do we know a niche Group of affluent Football Fans
will be on Game Day?

OUTSIDE the Stadium BBQ Grilling.

I 100% Guarantee This STRATEGY (SEE BELOW) will have R*ich Home owners coming up to Cecil.


Cuz during my LOTTO TIPPING Tests in Restaurants.

The food Grade FLASHING LED Ice Cubes (Cost about 1.00 each)
ALREADY attract kids, parents, extra waiters AND THE MANAGER.


When you Ask, "How do You Make Lotto Ticket Flirt Tipping PAY OFF?"

Here is ONE WAY.

ACTION PLAN - (How to Attract Affluent Football Fans over to your Truck in the Parking Lot. If U spend 25K on a Tail Gate BBQ Rig - You Own a Big Home too.)

Thanks Cecil,,

HOW TO NETWORK with Affluent BBQ TailGaters at FootBall Games

Just Spoke to Mr C.

He tells me you Might not know how to START a conversation with the affluent BBQ Tailgaters in the parking lot outside football games AT THE STADIUM.


Let them come to you!

For Example:

I've been Testing Instant Freeze Dried Food in Pouches. I Flirt tip the waitress into bringing me a cup of boiling water.

Pour it in. And Tested a couple dozen Freeze Dried Recipes. (One per restaurant visit) Found 2 I like.

in 10 minutes I have a Hot Spaghetti Meal.

JUST SUPPOSE you took a Can of My FAVORITE Freeze Dried Spaghetti and Meat Balls to a Tail Gating Party.

Put down the tail gate of your Pick up truck.

Table Cloth




Ice water to drink

Plus A Thermos of boiling water

And a CAN of Freeze Dried Spaghetti - 2 Cups make a meal.

EVERY DARN Tail Gater who PASSES by will Ask you, "WHAT IN THE HADES are you eating?"

heh heh heh

I buy my Freeze Dried Spaghetti from - it's about 8 bucks cheaper than the Mountain House website.

Here is the Link...


P.S. - Just to MAKE SURE lots of folks come over to chat.

Put a LED Ice Cube in your Clear Plastic Water Glasses
so they FLASH 10 Different Colors.

AND give away LED iceCubes to Others.

I do this in Restaurants and Meet lots of kids, their parents AND the Manager.

2nd Example -

A LOTTO TICKET FLIRT Type Test...That Made Thousands of D*ollars.
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