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Originally Posted by photobob View Post
As for me, I am burnt out on webinars.

Too much wasted time. Dependent on presentation quality. Too much intro and pitch time.

I MUCH prefer PDF.

Thanks for covering those webinars and reporting. I too like Bob Bly and was feeling a bit remorseful for missing it. Glad I did now.

Bob Schwarztrauber

Ben Suarez was fond of putting that quote in his books.

Bob, you bring up a very topical subject; BURNOUT. And I think we all are a bit burned out from this Covid-19 thing and all that came with it. I have found myself spending more time than I used to online, and it feels like I'm getting HAMMERED.

Especially by marketers.

I too,

AM SICK of things. Like this: Yesterday I bought a report. I had FIVE, F I V E, FRIGGIN upsells, downsells, cross sells, additional things...

By the third one I was silently cussing out the seller, by the fifth one, it was Not silent any longer.
I know, I know, it is the FUNNEL de facto on how to market, but I don't like it, I don't do it, I'm fed up with it and I think from now on, I'll take a pass on any of these known marketers (almost everyone on WarriorPlus, etc.).

Give me more AUTOMATIC PRODUCT VENDING sites, one page, brief description, if I want the dang thing, I'll put my money in and you can give me my product.
Maybe a side effect of my burnout is increased anger, and from a buyer, a guy who has spent a lot of money on things, just to learn, see, find out something...

My anger is translating into a wallet which sez; CLOSED FOR BUSINESS, or Gone Fishing.

Just taking the time to bang this out, helped with my anger issues.

So, thanks for reading.

A singed Gordon.

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