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Default Re: A tale of two webinars.

Hi Gordon, happy 2021, stay healthy.

I don't like much teleseminars because usually I don't like much the person who gives them.

However a teleseminar made by you, I would attend.

I only really enjoy the old school masters, the old books where they have so much gold.

I have a theory:

Before the 80's/90's, there was no mass demand as the demand boomed recently in 2000's on content to learn direct respons (and maybe self-devlopment) books, so the author who wrote it before the 80's, the books had to be exceptionally good to sell, and he knew he wouldn't be rich from the book. So that is why the old school books are so good.

I read somewhere (i think was from Dan Kennedy) Napoleon Hill got rich, got broke and came back rich with the book Think and Grow Rich, that was Clement Stone that helped him recover from being broke.

However I assume Napoleon Hill as Dale Carnegie built a backend on their exceptional books, where was on th backend they got rich.

But those great books at that time had to be be exceptionally good to the market accept it, seems to me differently nowadays, where the quality marketing surpasses the quality of the books and the market accepts it. I don't know.

However I like Bob Bly stuff, in particularly old books of him. On Bob Bly website he has free articles that I found them very good.

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