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Default Re: [Another] nifty headline idea...


Had she not said this I might have believed her:

"Actually, I have had a merchant tell me that "I can charge more if you want". I remember I did get a little hot under the collar.

Having owned retail stores in the past, the only time customers get hot under the collar when a retailer says that is when you won't drop the price because they saw it somewhere else for less and love to make an issue at of it. I've seen it 1000's of times when I was in retail.

When a customer sees a deal and can't believe they have a better price in front of them and say, "Is that really the price?" and we come back with "I could charge you more if you want" their knee jerk reaction isn't anger but, "No, no I'll buy it! Did you know such and such is selling it for more?" Instead of anger it is "Thank yous and I'm going to tell all my friends to shop here." That's why I don't believe her.

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Maybe she was saying "Is that really the price" meaning she couldn't believe how LOW the price was -- then the merchant said, "I can charge more if you want." In which case your reply makes no sense.
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