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Default Re: [Another] nifty headline idea...

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Clearly you have never been a retail store owner. If you only knew what overhead, payroll, taxes, permitting, advertising, marketing & a score of other costs their were to maintain that business and keep it open, so you the public can come in and browse, you would be mindful enough to know their profit margins are typically less than 10%.

Woody's right - retail stores have very slim profit margins after all expenses are paid. When you're asking for a discount, you're asking the store owner to take a pay cut. I know that there are many parts of the world where haggling really is the norm, but then the initial price of an item is quite probably padded to take account of the anticipated end result.

TW - I have been exasperated enough to tell someone once that "If I have to stand and negotiate discounts on 12 postcards, then the price goes up!" If I'd been offering a deal on postcards that day, then the label would have said so ....

Having said that, there are times when we might give a discount, especially if an item has been in the store for several months. So, it's worth asking nicely, rather than expecting to be offered a deal.


ps don't tell everyone I said that, LOL
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