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Default Right out the gate, I like it.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post

No hot numbers in pick 3, unlike the 8 of July, so I look for a few ADDS, these are when the numbers add up, like 156, or 235, that sort of a thing.

Starting the month, I like the 45 and the 62 combos. So, my plays will look something like 459, 451, 624, 628.

341 It may seem there are scores of adds, but, not really. Lots of 1, but as you get up to 6, you have 61, 62, 63 so not all that many. Today the 477 closed out the double digit chart which was started back in May. They average around 100 days, or 200 draws. So new double digit chart starts today and will probably run into early Nov. around election time.

99 is on my radar, as is 22x 66x. My wheels for the week have 969 and pairs of 99 too. Double digits hit in Ohio about 22 to 27% of the time, roughly one in four draws. Best bets to make your dough, a 1 dollar play of a pairs wager gets 50 bux back. Allows many days of play, if you understand how money works.

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