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Default CH #5-How We Helped a Guy in PRISON Rent 14 Apartments

Thanks Dien,

Here is PROOF that - even Behind Bars - a Mastermind of TWO BRAINS
can do amazing things.


“How We Helped a Guy In PRISON Rent 14 of His Empty
Apartment Units - In Five Days - At ZERO Expense
with a One Page Flyer.”


Have you Ever Gotten one of these ROBOT MESSAGES on your Phone?

“Will You Accept a Phone Call From The _________ State Penitentiary?”

Well I Did.

I was Curious and said, “YES”.

(EDITORS NOTE - WHO IN THE WORLD would Be Calling me from PRISON?)

It was PETEY!

One of my customers who I had helped do some REAL ESTATE Deals.



One of my Mastermind Members had gotten his Websites and Video S*ales Letters HACKED, over-whelmed and CRASHED by members of the SUB - GENIUS - CULT.

And I had asked my Ezine members, “Can anybody tell me MORE about the Sub-Genius-Cult?” All I can find on-line is THIS:

WIKI -***The Church of the SubGenius is parody religion described by some of its own members as an "insane bogus UFO mind-control cult”.***

I got Referred to PETEY - a Past member of The Sub-Genius-Cult.

Petey Explained that The Sub-Genius-Cult worshipped munny.

That he had been Protesting outside a Nuclear Power Plant at age 17. He had been an “ECO-WARRIAR And got into some “Trouble.” And was helped by some members of The SubGenius Cult.

He quit.

But he Still Liked MOOLAH.

And we Talked About some of his Real Estate Deals.


A Year Later PETEY is calling me from the HOOSEGOW.

He asked If I knew of a quick - cheap way to rent out 14 empty units in an apartment Complex he’d bought.

Promised to P*ay me back when he got out of LOCK UP.


I dictated the following One Page Flyer.

Series of
Phone Calls
From Petey
over the next 365 days - from BEHIND BARS.

One of these ph calls only a week Later Was PETEY calling to Say, “Thanks, My Dad stuffed Flyers in everyone’s mail box and we rented all 14 units in 5 days.”



Dear Apartment Renter Henry,

Thanks for renting one of my Apartments.

Maybe I Can Help You.

And You Can Help Me Back.

BEFORE I spend 1000’s on a Sign that says, “Apartments for Rent”
or spend More Thousands on Newspaper and Radio Ads…

You Might Answer ONE QUESTION…

Do you Have a Relative or Family Member or Friend You Would LOVE to Live Closer to You? IN THE SAME BUILDING?

And Get The Following MOVE-IN Benefits?

#1 - Instead of Throwing Munny away on a Giant Road Sign YOUR Relative can get the 1st Month Rent Free.

#2 - Your Family Member Can Get 100.00 bucks towards moving IN C*osts.

#3 - Your Friend Will Get F-r-e-e Washing and Drying - in our Laundry Room - For 3 Months

#4 - Your Relative Can Get F-r-e-e Parking in one of our Lots.

I’ve got 3 Apartments Open.

Call this Number if You Want to Move A Family Member into the Building with you
at 000-000-0000.

Pete Cable
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