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Default What's causing empty store shelves?

What's causing empty store shelves?

There are a lot of reasons...

- Bottlenecks at the ports. As the world has gotten closer to "normal", there are backlogs of demand that have built up, and the shipping ports are at full capacity. This leads to bottlenecks at the ports - many products are there on the container ships, but they can't get in.

- This leads to a "domino effect," causing even more shortages, due to a lack of parts, materials, containers, and so on throughout the supply chain.

- Many factories closed due to Covid. One consequence is that this has led to a shortage of computer chips, affecting the supply of everything from cars to smartphones.

- China is currently having trouble keeping their electricity on, due to the higher price of coal... which means that Chinese factories are shutting down without electricity. This will cause further supply chain problems down the line...

- Many employee positions are still not filled, as many people are still worried about catching Covid, which is also slowing everything down...

As an example, one turkey farm is out of turkeys - due to a staffing shortage...

Are there opportunities here?

What are your thoughts on that? I'd really love to know...

Definitely worth thinking about...

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