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Default What a change - they must love it! :)

Love the great stories, Glenn!


Waitresses are encountering surly patrons...

Some waitresses are even getting punched in the face by angry customers, through no fault of their own...

(Just do a search for news stories... Sadly, there are plenty of stories like this happening right now...)

And then comes a guy...

Tipping every time something is brought to the table!

And everyone with him tips too!


What a change!

They must love it!

What an awesome thing to do!

(And a great lesson, too!)

Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Glenn!

Best wishes,


Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks For Clapping for my Articles at Medium Dien,

Nobody and I mean NOBODY
is tipping The Waiter and Cooks.

Even After Watching What I do. And the Results we get.

So I have Decided to START Tipping The Waitress

HOW is Explained further in this Article.

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