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Default Re: The TEN most important ideas in my NEW report. +++++++++++

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post

On the other side of the lake (sticking with the metaphor) there are 10 major areas of concern.

Income. Will you have enough, and what streams can you add?
Food. Grow your own, barter, exchange and co-op.
Safety. Will you need to arm your family, and if so, with what"
Water. You may have plenty now, but think long range on this one.
POWER. Will you be grid dependent? Can you solarize the essentials?

Communication. If cell service goes down, what will you do?
Community. Who will be in your future community and why?
Pleasure/leisure. What does the future hold for fun and games?
Trends. How to ride the waves of trends, over and over and over again.
Skills. What will you need.

These are my top 10 outlined chapters in the new report. Can you think of any to add? Any areas where I should expand on?

Any thoughts on the future?



As I looked on your list, I noticed no mention of first aid or medical. As a former Navy corpsman, I learned all sorts of medical techniques that I still use.
Perhaps you address this in safety.

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